Back-to-back cruising?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by days-going-so-slow!!, Jun 15, 2004.

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    Jul 3, 2003
    We have read on the DIS where people have done back-to-back 7-night cruises. Eastern then Western or vise-versa. My husband and I are planning our next cruise and were talking about this option at lunch today. We are just curious, what do you do when the Magic comes back into Port Canaveral on Saturday? Do you stay on the ship or do you have to get off, go thru customs then walk around to the front and wait to get back into the terminal to go thru the process of checking in again?
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    You may be able to stay on the ship, depending on Customs regulations when you sail. We did three in a row on the Wonder and were able to remain on board. We spent most of our time on the secret deck 7 aft verandah, as they piped ear splitting music into the staterooms (now I know how the stateroom hosts and hostesses manage to clean them so quickly!).
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    We did back to back cruises (Western then Eastern) last year. It was fantastic! Met so many wonderful people and visited lovely places. Yes, as said before, you can stay on board, but we chose to get off for a few hours and head to Merritt Island Mall and Walmarts. We usually pack for one week and take an extra suitcase: thus letting us stock up with new stuff for the second week. Its only a taxi ride away and we then enjoyed re-embarking with all the new guests, and seeing their faces at boarding the beautiful ship. As Barb said, you can laze around on the secret deck, but as we went in Feb it was a little too chilly in PC to sunbathe. Go ahead and do it! You wont be disappointed!Nat:Pinkbounc

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