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  1. DLPDreams

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    Jan 14, 2012
    Well, we got back late last night (thanks to Air France :rolleyes:). I can honestly say we had the most AMAZING time. The whole weekend was fabulous and so magical. Probably our most magical trip, or certainly up there with the most magical :). There were so many highs I am just going to pick the main ones.

    - THE DISNEYLAND HOTEL - from the moment we walked in, it just looked so amazing, pretty, Christmassy, magical :yay:. We had a few bits of pixie dust from the hotel which was fabulous and very gratefully received :thumbsup2 It made us feel extra special. We had a fab room too - lovely view! After a disappointing trip here in June, I can honestly say we all felt extra special this time staying here.

    - CHARACTERS - we saw a fair few considering we only had 2 full days in the park (and one of those was 7 pm close). All of them were fabulous - we had great interaction from all of them. Not one was lacklustre like we experienced in June. There were so many that were really superb with my girls :goodvibes. To name a few - but like I said, all interaction was amazing: Rapunzel :-)cool1:), Jack Skellington (amazing, so fun, spent ages with us), Goofy Santa, Gideon and Eeyore.

    - DREAMS - once again, truly stunning. It was lovely to share with DM & DSD. Particularly as the first night was so quiet we managed to get right to the front 10 mins before it started and didn't even push in!! The girls were awestruck seeing it so close. It was beautiful seeing the laser lights dancing above our heads.

    - CHRISTMAS - what can I say.... Just magical, beautiful, really got us in the mood. From the tree and beautiful decorations to the lovely carols and music. The tree lighting was lovely, the castle lighting was beautiful - just jawdropping. We all loved the new Cavalcade too - really Christmassy and nice to see it apart from the main parade.

    - CAST MEMBERS - we found all staff this trip to be helpful and pleasant. Lots of interaction with my girls which was just lovely too. Again, much better than June - we didn't come across one member of staff who wasn't nice :thumbsup2.

    - INVENTIONS - we have eaten here a number of times for dinner (and I was disappointed to be missing the Sunday brunch after such good reviews) but I have to say, we ate here Saturday night and it is the BEST meal we have had here. We saw 7 or 8 characters - some of which were in Christmas dress which was nice. There was tonnes of lovely, hot food. Replenished all the time - really impressive. It was busy, very busy and so there were short queues at times for mains, but nothing to detract from the place. The atmosphere was amazing. In particular, I was dumbstruck when I saw our table - we were sitting right in the rotunda (below Castle Club area) so had the most fabulous view of Main Street Station/tree/Castle all lit up - it was heaven and the best view I have ever had in there (I have been at the window in Inventions & Cali Grill several times, but never here - it really beats anywhere else :cool1:).

    - MAGIC ON PARADE - we weren't overly impressed with this in June but I think now, looking back it was because we never really got near the rope to see it and so felt out of it (we wouldn't queue for the hour + you needed to do this in June). This trip, due to low numbers, we bagged a spot on Town Square about 15 mins before and seeing it up close, I'd say it is as good as OUAD. Got some fab interaction being so close too :cool1:.

    - WEATHER - we were really, really lucky with the weather (it has been much worse in the UK this weekend :rolleyes1). We did wear our thermals/hats etc but never felt cold at all. The only niggle we had was it rained quite heavily just before Dreams on the Saturday night but because we had ponchos and it was only at the last part of the night, it wasn't an issue really.

    The lows.... well, honestly, with regard to Disney we had none at all. :yay: But we did have....

    - ILLNESS - my poor DD2 was very ill the night before we went. I had to rush her to the Doctor on the morning of our trip. She ended up on antibiotics and oral steriods for the rest of the trip. Poor thing. But she was a total trooper and really rallied in DLRP. Although it wasn't much fun getting almost zero sleep for two nights, then being on our feet all day - it is amazing though how much the Disney spirit lifts you :thumbsup2.

    - AIR FRANCE - we were delayed going out by an hour. It slipped to almost 1.5 hours by the time we got to DLRP. This meant we only got 1.15 hrs in the park on the first night which was disappointing. However, on the upside we got that amazing view of Dreams as mentioned above.

    - AIR FRANCE (AGAIN)! - coming back we were delayed by over 3 hours (nearer 4). Not fun and very tiring for the girls. I had deliberately booked the mid afternoon flight (which meant much less park time on Sunday), to ensure we got back by tea time, giving enough time to get unpacked/bathed/early bed in time for school today. Sadly, being so late meant we got back very late last night (almost as late as if we'd got the late flight back anyway! :scared:)

    I am sure I have more highs but will leave it there for now. I do intend to do a TR but it might be a little while as I have a fair bit of work to do this week before I can sort out photos etc.

    For anyone thinking of going during the Christmas season - I would say, go for it, you won't regret it. It is certainly now my favourite time to visit pixiedust:. Just wondering if DH will let us book again for the same time next year :rotfl2:....
  2. Happy Tappy

    Happy Tappy Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirates life for me!

    Nov 28, 2005
    Sounds like you had a great trip.

    Most of the H&L's lately have been very positive, this years Christmas season seems to be a hit.

    I can't wait until next week when I can see it all for myself!
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  4. megarasweet

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    Jun 10, 2011
    Sounds truly wonderful. You've got me very excited for our trip next week! :santa:
  5. Ware Bears

    Ware Bears Bring me that horizon Moderator

    Jan 23, 2003
    Welcome back :wave2: glad this trip has restored the magic for you :thumbsup2 and hope your DD feels better soon. :hug:
  6. PrincessKel

    PrincessKel Mouseketeer

    Jan 25, 2011
    Wow! Sounds amazing, I am even more excited about our trip if that's possible! Glad to hear Inventions was wonderful as we are paying a small fortune for the xmas Sunday brunch and still debating if we should cancel or not!

    Can't wait to read your trip report! :yay:
  7. tennisfan

    tennisfan Was told off for sliding down the bannister at SL Moderator

    Jul 15, 2004
    Welcome back sounds like you had an amazing time
  8. HappyPanda

    HappyPanda Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow

    Jan 9, 2012
    I am so happy your Christmas trip was so good, especially after all the bad luck you had in June! :hug:
  9. wmoon

    wmoon DIS Veteran

    Aug 24, 2010
    Sounds like an amazing trip. xx
  10. MrsSDW

    MrsSDW Mouseketeer

    May 30, 2012
    Awww, how lovely to hear that you had such a great time. And it's wonderful to hear that your faith in the DLH has been restored. :lovestruc
  11. Corrineee

    Corrineee Mouseketeer

    Aug 10, 2011
    We are off in 12 days! :cool1: We went the same time last year :) Whilst we haven't been in the summer, I can imagine how crowded it gets. Christmas is definitely the time to visit, it really gets you into the Christmas spirit !!!
    Glad you had an amazing time, fingers crossed ours will be too (and not too wet) :yay:
  12. tinks_1989

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    Jan 31, 2007
    Glad you had such a good time and that DLH shared some pixie dust.
  13. MichyDLP

    MichyDLP Earning My Ears

    Nov 11, 2012
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip!
  14. DLPDreams

    DLPDreams I am like a child in a sweet shop, hyper on sugar!

    Jan 14, 2012
    Thanks for all the replies :thumbsup2.

    And to those going soon - you will LOVE it - have a 'Jolly Holly' Christmas time there ;).
  15. A dream is a wish

    A dream is a wish Mouseketeer

    Mar 22, 2012
    Hi :wave2:

    Glad the trip was an improvement on June!

    Got to agree about Jack Skellington, he was amazing, my favourite character this time, the way he took his time with all of the children and the way he was with them :lovestruc can you tell he has a huge fan here :rotfl:

    I hope DD2 is feeling better now!

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