Back from Christmas trip... looking to book DLH next year!

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  1. JustJonathan

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    Jan 15, 2010
    Arrived Saturday evening after a really amazing trip to TLP with our "Adopted" family member who is 80 years old. (It was a birthday gift to him back in June).


    Arrived Saturday 24th, and can only remember one rain shower where we had to really cover up, VERY lucky weather wise. (Although it got colder towards the end of our stay, but we can deal with that!).

    Walts - Could only do this on the Sunday, having been before and loved it we once again really enjoyed it and wished we could go again for an evening meal.

    Rainforest Café - We've been here quite a lot our last 2 trips, this time we went 3 nights.. the food has really come on leaps and bounds here now.. where it was hit and miss before.

    Disability Pass - There was no way our friend could stand in the queue's, even the low timed ones, we were REALLY impressed with how the whole place catered for him and made sure we were all OK. We never had to queue outside for restaurants either.

    Eeyore - Will never forget the amazing hand / leg jump he did @ inventions :rotfl2:

    LOWS -

    On our first night we chose to stay at a cheaper off-site hotel called Park & Suites.

    We had called the hotel and explained we'd have an elderly / wheelchair using person with us and if it was easy enough to get on the shuttle, which we were told was "very easy".

    After finding the shuttle spot, there was no orderly queue, and as the shuttle arrived people were literally knocking past to get on and we had a driver who just didn't seem to give a monkeys... this really stressed us out, and didn't make for a pleasant start.

    To put a "high" on the little bump, a very nice American family saw we had an elderly person with us and gave us their seats.

    To be honest, that's the only low I can think of!


    Now, on to the next trip! We seemed to spend a lot more time relaxing this trip and we made sure to pop into the pink palace each evening and eat there once... which has now come to the decision we HAVE to stay there at least once, even if it is pricey.

    Can anyone offer any tips to get the best deal? We'd also like to be lucky if we can and get a room overlooking the castle/park side...

    I see at the moment bookings for next Christmas are at a 30% off, but still a whopping £2280 for a standard room. Could we book this then upgrade if a better deal came out and we went for a better room?

    Thanks guys/girls :cheer2:
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    Mar 9, 2008
    I am so happy you got to bring your adopted member to share the joy. Americans, or anyone I would hope would have manners enough to give up a seat. I hope you get back to DLP and stay at DLH soon.

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