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Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by hulabird, Sep 6, 2002.

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    Jul 12, 2001
    Our trip at CBR was once again nothing but totally wonderful. We arrived on Sunday at about 12:40 PM to Custom House and we received our room by 1:30 PM, we had requested Jamaica 45, but I was told that it was not available because we paid for a king room and there are no kings in building 45, so we were given 4632 in Jamaica, which was a perfect spot close to everything...bus, parking lot, and OPR was only a quick walk. My sister and her family came as well and they stayed at AKL, which I have to say is a beautiful place, but I honestly am glad I chose to stick with CBR again this trip. I am not fond of the dark, African theming, I liked the animals, but I prefer the lush tropical theming of CBR much better. My sister got a room on the fourth floor, Zebra Trail, her room made me claustrophobic....her husband was disappointed after seeing our spacious room at CBR with a big King bed, and then seeing his queen bed and bunk bed that was directly next to the bed, hardley any room at all! Plus the dark colors made it that much smaller looking. I also noticed on several occasions when I or a member of our party asked AKL CM's a question, they seemed to be pretty uninformed, and had to get several other CM's to answer simple questions like "where is the bus stop?". This type of thing happened often enough to be noticable. On our first day we decided to just take it easy and enjoy the resorts. We had no problems resort hopping through the trip and did so quite a bit. As long as you had your parking permit in the windshield you were just flagged through the gates of the resorts, no questions asked, which made it nice for us to go back and forth. We ate at OPR and bought new drink mugs, even though we could have brought last years back as they were the exact same mugs and the mug police were no where to be found, in fact it was so lax that my BIL refilled his paper cup several times with no one even noticing. Lunch was simple, we all ate pizza and shared bread sticks and marinara sauce, it was tasty and we all got full. For the evening we all hung out at AKL and checked out the animals that were milling around. t around 8 PM we headed to International Drive and had a late dinner at TGIF. Very good food. Here are some photo's from our trip, just use this link to the page where our photos are, please excuse my photography, it was my first time using a digital camera. Just click "travel" to get to on photo to enlarge.

    CBR/AKL Photos Part 1 8/25/02
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    Dec 28, 1999
    so I enjoyed looking at yours.......thanks so much for your to read others
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    Aug 10, 2002
    Thanks for sharing! I always loved CBR myself!

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    Great photos. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I agree with you. CBR is so beautiful. I don't DH and I would like the darkness of AKL either. I'm a sunny type person.
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    thanks for posting - we are leaning towards CBR for our 2003 trip so I love hearing good things!

    thanks for sharing the photos too!

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