Baby Care Stations


Earning My Ears
Feb 26, 2001
I've read that these are located in each park. Although, I don't have a "baby", we will be visiting with my 3yo DS in July. Is this a place he can escape the heat for a few moments or are these strictly for baby needs?
The one in EPCOT (at least in 1996) was a great place for our then toddler to unwind (she was three). I would surely check out the one in MK, as I remember it, it was very peaceful and calm. The one at MGM was not as spacious or as themed as the other two, but it would probably be servicable for a break. They all had glider rockers, if that helps your little one unwind. I have never used the AK one as they were older when that opened.
We used the baby care centers at Epcot, MK, and AKfor our 2 year old. They were nice and clean and provided paper sheets to cover the changing tables. If I can recall correctly--each one of these centers had an area with chairs, books, toys and of course a TV playing a Disney movie. It would be a great place to unwind. Also they have companion/unisex restrooms so my husband was able to take my 5 year old potty while I changed the young one.


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