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Dec 11, 2008
Has anyone done a B2B on The Wonder sailing from San Diego this season?
Have the procedures changed? We haven't done one since 2017.



Oct 26, 2013
We will be doing one out of Miami soon and I am wondering the same thing. 😃


Luck favors the prepared
Aug 3, 2021
Is there something specific about the Wonder in San Diego you're looking for, or do you just mean in general? We just did a B2B on the Wish...we didn't have to pack, we just left our stuff, got off towards the end of debarkation, went through customs, then were directed back into the terminal and waited around a bit before we were let back on. There was a designated waiting area for B2B folks in Port Canaveral; not sure if they do the same thing in other ports.


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Jun 28, 2012

I got a letter in my room the day before we disembarked on cruise 1. I was moving rooms so it reminded me to pack and the stateroom host will move your luggage.

This letter came with a little gold card and a sticker. Don’t forget this!

(Later that day GS messaged me and I did NOT have to move rooms after all, and therefore I didn’t need to pack.)

Meeting was 10.15 in Azure. CM went around and checked us all in and asked if any of us wanted to get off the ship and return later. (No one did.) He said it would be around 20 mins before anything happened as there were still around 300 guests on the ship. He checked we all had the little gold cards we got with the letter and our ID. It comes with a sticker which identifies b2b guests.

Got off the ship around 10.40, still tons of people in customs line. Ended up getting through customs around 11.05 and the whole group was done around 11.15.

We were then led back to check in and had our own b2b check in line with 4 people checking us back in. Then we were seated in a section to the left of the check in desks and about 10 minutes later a person came over saying they were ready for b2b and we went back on board using a shortcut.

Probably off the ship for an hour total.

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