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  1. DoBug

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    Oct 3, 2006
    enjoying our stay here so thought I'd write a small review
    We arrived Wednesday nite around 10
    The resort is clean and bright with cozy seating in the lobby
    The people at the front desk were nice and upgraded us to a family room with pool side patio
    We originally had two double rooms and kept the other double room for our two teenage boys
    The rooms were clean and felt light and bright also. Everything was in good condition with only a few bumps and scrapes on walls etc. this is a good sized room for two people and maybe ok with younger children

    There are no drawers but open cube type shelves for clothes which is different but fine. There's a refrig labeled drinks only. Not sure why ? Keurig coffeemaker with caribou coffee and celestial tea.
    The bathroom is small with a door between the toilet and tub to separate the sink and closet
    Short on counter space but a well lighted mirror but no makeup mirror
    Would appreciate a luggage rack but there isn't one
    There is a small desk to work at with an upholstered chair and two cubes to sit on or put stuff on
    The patio which faced another building and not really the pool has two stars and small table but the cushions have been wet so we haven't sat out there yet
    The pool saltwater of course is cool and was well used yesterday. It has been very hot and humid

    I'll add some more info later as this is getting long
    I'm withholding judgement about the transportation. We're spoiled with our last few stays at the Swan
    We are using uber a lot but it's still less expensive than two moderate rooms or car rental

    More later and I can try to answer questions
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  2. DoBug

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    Oct 3, 2006
    I forgot a couple things so I'll keep going
    The family suite has a king sized bed with two bunk beds Mattress and linens are good
    It feels like mattresses on the bunks are good too
    There are two bottles of water per day included. Not sure if they'd put four if there were four guests
    The room is quiet don't hear anything above us but can occasionally hear people in the hall
    Not quite enough hot water or water pressure for me. The water temp improved in the afternoon
    The lobby smells nice (like the deluxe resorts) but the bathroom smells like Florida haha

    We got in after the restaurant kitchen closed at ten so we ordered room service. Large pizza for the boys and a steak dish for my husband and I to split. I didn't try the pizza and my son has never said pizza wasn't good but my husband said mediocre The steak was dry aged rib eye with mushroom bacon chowder as a sauce with lots of steamed veggies on the side. It was fine and we were hungry

    I was pleasantly surprised with The breakfast buffet It is a nice spread with fruit pastries smoked salmon for bagels, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage , breakfast potatoes , French toast pancakes AND Mickey waffles
    Cereal, oatmeal and more I'm forgetting. They'll do eggs to order but haven't tried that yet
    I will check the bill this morning bc I can't remember the cost. I will also check the hours today
    I don't think we'll eat other meals here but I'll take a look at menu and I think there's a bar out by the pool which may have snacks

    The spa is currently closed til further notice
    There is a snack shop inside with Joffries coffees and ice cream. You can get sandwiches and pastries candy , and silly expensive wine (but I should know better)!

    There is a Disney gift shop here with the usual Tshirts etc. and there is a counter that sells Disney tix. Not sure if they could help set up magic bands or other more complicated things
    There is an enterprise car rental counter also

    Ps October is not what it used to be - seems crowded sigh
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  4. sara_s

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    Aug 10, 2017
    Thanks for the review! DH and I will be there for 3 nights next month. Excited to try it out!
  5. SwanVT2

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    Jun 19, 2010
    This is helpful, thanks. How would you say B resort compares to Swan (like maybe star-wise)? Thanks!
  6. pooh2001

    pooh2001 been there, done that, TRYING to go back

    Feb 16, 2000
    If you walk to DS - could you time your walk and tell me how long it took you to walk to DS from the B resort ?
    Thank you
  7. writerguyfl

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    Jul 5, 2015
    On a previous stay, I timed the walk from the edge of the Marketplace section of Disney Springs (near Earl of Sandwich) to the DoubleTree Suites. It took 14 minutes. The B Resort and Spa is one hotel closer. So, even if you're a slower-than-average walker, it will only take under 15 minutes.

    Here's the layout of the sever hotels:

    One of the positives of the Disney Springs Hotels is that they all are mid-rise or high-rise buildings. The distance from the main entrance or bus stop location to your room can usually be measured in feet. Of course, you'll potentially have to wait a few moments for an elevator. Still, when compared to the low-rise, spread-out nature of most Disney Resort's, you won't have to do much walking once you arrive at your Disney Springs Hotel.
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  8. DoBug

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    Oct 3, 2006
    Very hard to make a direct comparison to the swan
    B resort is an excellent hotel especially for the very inexpensive rate we got 30% off and resort fee waived
    B resort has a little of the feel of the swan but not quite as swanky or luxe feeling

    We've been very happy with the service , food and. Amenities at B resort and had a few housekeeping issues at the swan but otherwise great
    The main differences are location and excellent food options at the swan It's so great to walk to Epcot or Hollywood or take the boats. Also many good restaurants not just at swan and Dolphin but yacht club , beach club etc

    from the B resort We have taken the buses to the park if it's Epcot or magic kingdom but take an uber if we are going to AK or Hollywood studios. Honestly we haven't tried taking the buses back so maybe it's not that bad. The room is so inexpensive relatively I don't really care about the extra expenses. FYI for uber XL it was about $40 from the airport generally 15-20 to/from the parks. Took a Mears cab from grand Floridian bc we thought it would be faster and it was maybe 4-5$ more We did get hit with surge pricing leaving AK tonite and it was 29. All without tips
    We still occasionally uber if we're at the swan too

    I think the breakfast buffet at the B resort was about $23 pp and had a good lunch here today for about the same

    Also if you want to spend a lot of time at Disney springs this is a good place to be We spent one afternoon there and had lunch at frontera cucina (yum) and did the void. Iy was cool but the boys weren't so impressed that they wanted to do it again. I think it's the same adventure but would change a bit depending on how you changed your actions

    Overall I think it depends on what you want. Be resort could be significantly cheaper especially if you cAn be content with buses or maybe even renting a car may be cheaper. Plenty of places to eat at Disney springs many cheaper (?) than blue zoo or il mulano

    So you pays your money and you takes your choice as they say
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