Autistic child desperate for Little Mermaid plush seahorse/Herald


Earning My Ears
Jul 22, 2019
Has anyone ever seen a plush of the Herald from Little Mermaid. He’s the seahorse with the ruff collar who introduces King Triton. My daughter, who has autism, is fixated on finding one. There are lots of the yellow ones with fluffy hair who dance with Ariel but I‘ve only ever seen one photo of the real deal - and it seemed to be from Japan. She doesn’t care about it being collectible or in pristine condition. She wants it as a toy.


Mar 15, 2016
I have been in your shoes myself. I swear I have single handedly raised the price of items on Ebay looking for replacements.

A quick search found nothing, but maybe you could buy an orange seahorse off Ebay (I saw several), then add a purple collar to it. I was thinking purple ribbon folded up accordion style, slide a needle and thread through the folds, and tie around the neck.

Or there is this set but it is not plush:

Good luck


Jan 4, 2011
Also, you could have one custom made.

If they won't do a licensed design, have a graphic artist come up with a similar design, perhaps?


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