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    Nov 6, 2009
    We're going to WDW in Jan with our 3 kids - eldest has autism and Cerebral Palsy. His CP doesn't effect him too much on a day to day basis, but he tires easily. On previous trips we've brought his SN buggy but he's too big for it now (he's 13) so we're thinking of hiring a wheelchair for the days we're in the parks - this would also help when he gets a bit overwhelmed and needs some down time. Will his using a wheelchair have any effect on how we use the DAS? and also, this may seem like a daft question, but where do you park the wheelchairs when you're on a ride? Is it with the strollers? Thanks.
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    Nov 18, 2008
    On almost every ride/ attraction you will be able to take the wheelchair all the way to the loading area. The CM will then have the chair waiting on you at the ride exit or near by. If they have to park your chair in a separate area ( POC) has done this once to us, they will provide you with a wheel chair to use until you get to yours.
    If you would like to park the wheelchair for a while so he can walk a bit then most of the time you can leave it in a stroller area.
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    There are a handful of attractions where you'll be directed to a wheelchair entrance rather than being given a DAS return time. If there are high crowds then you'll be given a return time for the accessible entrance and if the crowds aren't big then you'll be directed to just get in the accessible queue. As I said, there are only a handful of attractions where this will happen and everywhere else you'll use the DAS and FP+ as they're designed to be used. The attractions with alternate entrances are listed in the FAQ.

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