Aulani - studio laundry - info


Earning My Ears
Oct 16, 2020

We just finished our first stay at Aulani... I thought I'd share this info about the shared laundry available to a studio/hotel room. I never found this info researching before we left.

We ran out of clean clothes with 2 nights to go. The way they work the shared laundry for hotel/studio is they simply give you 16 tokens (dollars) for the laundry room. (You can get 16 per day! )

The washer and dryer are 4 each. Soap and fabric softener are 3 each.

The dryers were bigger than they looked. We were able to put both loads of wash in the dryer... With only a couple of thicker articles of clothing damp when done. So we ended up with one token left over 😀. (8 for wash, 4 for dryer and 3 for soap)

Anyway, if you think you would do multiple loads in one day, it might be a good idea to get a couple days worth of tokens early so you can use them at your convenience.

Have fun!


DIS Veteran
Jan 20, 2015
Thanks for sharing... I only ask for 8 tokens each time when I need to do laundry, for washer and dryer, and always provided my own laundry detergent, didn't know you can get up to 16 tokens to cover buying the soap/fabric softener also, but it's not a big deal, I am used to always bringing my own.

But, it's always good to learn something new!!!