August 11 trip report

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  1. Jojordan

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    Jul 29, 2001
    We just returned from our Aug.11 Magic Cruise and all I can say is it was Magical.
    The first two days at sea we my son basically spent his days at the pools.
    He loved the mickey slide. If you go early morning around 10:00 there is hardly anyone on the slide. On Sunday I attended the master chief series of entertaining. He showed us how to make an appitizer. We all got one and also a glass of wine. It was a lot of fun. That evening was formal night. It was so neat to see everyone dressed. Dinner was excellent. The Welcome aboard variety show was very good.
    On Monday my husband and I got our massages. I also had a facial done during my massage. I highly recommend going to the spa. We made our reservations right when we arrived on Saturday. We also did some Bingo that day. We didn't win.
    Our third day at St. Martin was the only disappointment. We did the Sea and See excursion. The Sea part was great but the See part was not. We didn't care for the island very much. We went back to the ship for lunch and then to the pool. It was great we had the ship to ourselves. That evening was the premEAR of The Princess Diaries. When you alked to the theater they had castmembers acting like autograph seekers and we were the stars. It was hysterical. They keep telling me they loved me in Thelma and Louise.
    My son keep walking through the line just to sign autographs. Afterwards was the deck party. I had so much fun ,we danced the night away.
    Our day at St. Thoms was the best. We took the Champagne Catararan to St. John and snorkeled at Honeymoon beach. We had the beach all to ourselves. After snorkeling the crew brought out a buffet lunch. They even had peanut butter and jelly for the kids. Then the had homemade brownies and cookies for dessert. Oh yea they had lots of Champgne too.
    That night at Who Wants to be a Mousekateer some man wwon a free cruise for two. What a great day it was.
    Thursday was at sea. We all did our own thing that day. I did aerobics at the spa. (what a workout). Afterwards I spent the day at the adult pool. The pool games wes soooo funny. That night Disney Dreams. It was awesome.
    Friday at castaway Cay was great. The weather was perfect. We got off the ship right when they told us we could and we had no problem getting chairs in the shade. Cookie's BBQ for lunch was so good. Go early around 11:20 before they announce it is open and there is no line. The farewell show that night was great. I cried.
    The only thing we were not satisfied with was the oceaneers lab. My son who is 11 felt it was to kiddish for him. The first night they were supposed to have a mmet and greet for the kids. My son went up and it was mass confusion , noone introduced themselves to the kids or introduce the kids to each other. He gave it a try the next day but didn't enjoy it.
    I could go on but I won't bore you. If anyone has questions please e-mail me at We are all ready planning on going next year.
    Jo Ann
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    Jan 10, 2001
    We're back 3 weeks and I love reading these reports - it brings back so many happy memories. DH (who never likes to go on vacations) has said that he would go again next year. YEAH!!!
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    Nov 8, 2000
    Thanks for sharing! It seems new trip reports have been scarce lately!

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