Attention Pin Pics Police Oh Dom............


Tinker Bell Fanatic
Jan 2, 2000
I found these and thought someone might want to take a look.

#9132 & #9133 are buttons. The poster says they are buttons. Are you listing buttons...cause I have about 2000 buttons I could list?? :eek:

#9197 looks like a CM badge not a pin...anyone know what that is??

#9236 the picture doesn't match the description. The picture is of pin #119: 75 Years / Part of the Magic

Thanks for all you do!!! :D


Pin Pics Graphics Dept.
Nov 26, 2000
Hi Kathie,

#9132 & 9123 I'll have to send to the Internal affairs dept. Oh Figgy?

#9197 Got me But I would like one if anyone has one to trade.

#9236 - I think the person that added that pin added the wrong pic. The pic was better than th one we had for #119 so I moved it over there. Hopefully they sent in the correct pic as it is not a pin I've seen before. With Pete on it I made need this one too!! LOL


PinPics Internal Affairs
Jul 20, 2000
ok for the time being I ask that you refrain from adding the buttons.

Once we create the subheading of button which is coming soon as we do try to make our the collectors happy we will let you know.

We will be setting it up fairly soon so that those that add buttons will have to put that they are buttons so no one can mistake what they are trading for.

I have corrected the image of the Tuff Mickey pin with the scan someone sent me.

As for the Goofy Nametag. I have not decided on that one yet until I can get some more info on it about how many they have and whether they are trading them etc..... If they were given out to a lot of people then I am inclined to leave it because a lot of people will want it.