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    CRITCHK Mouseketeer

    Jul 19, 2009
    Hi just wondering if there are many ATM's around DLP and if they charge you for getting you money out? Also do all places in DLP take debit cards?

    Just planning how to take my spending money. Is it necessary to take any cash or can you put everything on your card.

    I can't imagine the exchange rate and commission the hotels FX is very good!

    I have a nationwide debit card which does not charge for foreign transactions / withdrawals and uses the bank rate.

    Would be interested in what others do?
  2. anna42hmr

    anna42hmr Mouseketeer

    Aug 24, 2008
    i took cash and a couple of credit cards as well.

    Nationwide credit card does not charge in europe for payments made with it, neither does the post office card and santander zero (formerlly abbey zero) i have all 3 cards and usually take 2 of them. most of my spending is on them, then i take a certain amount of cash, and split it into the number of days i am there so have equal amounts of cash for each day, ie if i take 500 euros and there for 5 days, have 100 a day in coin bags you can get from the bank, helps for budgeting to lol!

    didnt notice many cash machines when there, but i know they are there, but didnt specifically look for them.
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  4. Dollyrar

    Dollyrar DIS Veteran

    Feb 15, 2008
    We always use a cashpoint on the outside of the eurostar station, and one in the indoor arcade on main street USA, and have never been charged with our nationwide cards for either :)
  5. ema74

    ema74 Addicted to everything with Ears

    Jun 22, 2006
    We've never taken money out there, we always carry some cash and pay on our cards. Barclays charges for all payments and even though it's not a lot of money it still is some.
  6. A Small World

    A Small World <img src=

    Feb 22, 2007
    There is an ATM near Buzz in Discoveryland as well as in the Arcades along Mainstreet. There is also one in the Village and in the Studios (in Studio one I think)
  7. buttercup1982

    buttercup1982 DIS Veteran

    May 23, 2009
    Were taking a Thomson travel card and a hundred euros per day, that way we have both :goodvibes
  8. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan I Am Speed - Ka-Chow!!!!

    Apr 16, 2009
    I took out plenty of cash with me (although I did have HB premium vouchers so didn't need much more), rather than using my credit card or ATM out there (I don't think you get brilliant exchange rates when you do that).

    I got it at the Thomson travel agent, but priced matched them against Thomas Cook (they promise to price match any high street exchange rate), then paid an extra £3.50 to get their buy back guarantee to exchange back any money left at the same rate when I returned. I took out £500 for 5 days, and ended bringing back £150.
  9. AmyMoose

    AmyMoose Earning My Ears

    May 29, 2007
    Top tip (from the daughter of someone who's worked on the technology side of this whole thing :P): If you're with a bank that won't charge for taking out money abroad, the way to get the best exchange rate is actually to withdraw money over there or pay with a debit card. You get the official exchange rate for that day (so I suppose it's a bit of a gamble if the rate could fluctuate quite a lot, but considering the short period of time you're there for it's going to be minimal) and don't have the problem of losing money by converting leftover money back into pounds. From looking at my bank statements after foreign trips, I've always worked out that I've saved money by doing this - even if it's just a few pence here and there, it's nice to know that you're getting value and means you don't have the worry of carrying around wads of cash. Though obviously it's best to take enough money in cash to cover your back *just in case*.

    This said, I know some banks charge for withdrawing money abroad but I'm not sure what the debit/credit card situation is/ if they charge you for using that. Thank Disney for Nationwide, really!

    CRITCHK Mouseketeer

    Jul 19, 2009
    I am with nationwide so won;t be charged. Planning on taking a small amount with me say 40/50e and paying on card where possible and ATM if I need any more cash.
    Only thing that bothers me if the ATM charges to withdraw your money like most theme parks, Butlin's etc in the UK usually costs about £1.75 ish each time, it's going be more expensive.
  11. Verity Chambers

    Verity Chambers <font color=blue>He's delicious! Rather like <font

    May 27, 2003
    There is a couple of cash machines in disney village and ones in the arcade, running next to main street and one near Buzz Lightyear. :)
  12. lilacgems23

    lilacgems23 DIS Veteran

    Feb 9, 2008
    I always took euros in cash but if there are ATMS then Id rather take it out there as you get a better exchange rate!

    Does anyone know if nationwide debit the money from your account the day its withdrawn? is it the same exchange rate as if you were paying by card
  13. scald

    scald <font color=royalblue>I am a big girls blouse when

    May 28, 2007
    I have to say we were very surprised this time regarding money.We tool 500 euro cash (family of 4 for 6 days) and only visa'd 2 transactions in shops to the value of around 40 Euro. We ate well and bought loads of souveniers. Had got BBWWS booked for one night prepaid, but had to pay every other meal bar breakfast. I would say that 100 Euro per day is sufficient unless you want to do big table service meals/pricey gifts.

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