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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Lilly's Dad, Jan 21, 2004.

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    Oct 4, 1999
    If you book a day room at Comfort Suites, do they give you the coveted Atlantis pools wristbands there at Comfort Suites, or do you show your room key to the "bouncer" at Atlantis pool cabana and receive wristband there? In booking a day-room at Atlantis last trip, we showed our room key to the cabana "door-bouncers" people at Atlantis pools and they issued our FAMILY OF 4 wristbands poolside. The significance of this is, our elderly, perpetually confused inlaws (who didn't have their own room) then go to the Atlantis poolside cabanna, show them my room key (which they borrowed to go use the toilet whilst they gambled) and they get issued additional coveted wristbands to Atlantis pool (total of 6). Incidentally, although they could have, they didn't swim....just take pictures, but still I told them I'm pretty sure they broke the rules and "crashed the place"...which may be as a result of the "confused in-law expression" on their faces which is genuine. QUESTION: At Comfort Suites or Atlantis day room: If you tell them You won't be using the room (only booked it for wristbands) don't they DELETE certain "taxes" from your room for housekeeping , energy fees, etc?
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    We booked Comfort Suites room last year and got the wristbands when we checked in. We then dashed across the street and spent the entire day at Atlantis doing everything. We didn't have to show a room key -- just the wristbands. Rules change pretty often at Atlantis (somethings been a bit different everytime we've been there) and since it's sooo big there, Im sure even the employees can't keep up with the changing rules.

    As for not using the room and getting rid of those awful taxes, including a room cleaning fee that since we didn't even walk into the room I coudlnt understand, NO -- those taxes and fees do not get deleted at least not when I tried. And I tried, and tried. Maybe you will have better luck.

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