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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Grammamouse, May 10, 2007.

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    Apr 18, 2004
    We arrived at AKL yesterday, May 9. DD(42) and 2 DGD (16 & 13) and me (Grandma). Girls week for Mother's Day. We had a very nice and very new CM at check in,so it took about an hour. I had paid for Savannah bunk and requested smoking. First room was non-smoke, second was 2 queen so off we go to the third and turn around and tromped back to check in. Room was on Uzima with 2 queen and over looking people pen. Nope..Nope..Nope. New CM gave us a wonderful room (4581) on Arusha overlooking waterhole. Lots of animals frst day..Giraffe,cranes, Ankole, Zebra.

    Had a great diner at Boma. Even picky 13 YO loved the food. I did see a sign in the registration area that said "..due to popularity of Boma and Jiko..ADR's required. We got right in for our 5:10 ADR and restaurant not packed, but lots of peopl waiting when we came out.

    Weather is beautiful. Low to mid eighty's and very comfortable. We went to MK around 6:30 and crowds were light to moderate.Walked on to BMRR, poc, AND Haunted mansion. Then settled down for Wishes whch was great. Tink didn't fly probabl because 5 minutes after Wishes ended it poured rain. It took about 20 minutes for AKL bus to come and snce it stoped raining by the time we got back, we hit the pool and hot tub at 11:00P.M.

    DD and DGD's at Typhoon this morning and Grandma (me) is recovering and getting ready for our second trip to MK tonight fo Spectro. I'll remember the ponchos today. I can hear the construction equipment in the distance on the other side of Kudu trail and some work going on upstairs during the day today, but really no problem. Opps, gota go. Crowned Crane just arrived in the back yard at the watering hole. I love this resort.
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    Oct 31, 2005
    Wow I WISHI I WAS THERE! So mid 80's weather is it very humid??
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    Nov 21, 2005
    An hour to check-in? :scared1: You must be a very patient woman!

    I'm glad your family enjoyed Boma, I have a picky 14 y/o and was a little concerned that he'd find anything to eat there.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

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