Asking a Friend to Officiate?


lost in toontown fair
Feb 16, 2021
Does anyone have experience with having a friend or family member officiate at a Disney Wedding? My BIL is one of our favorite people and since he's not in either wedding party, we would love for him to marry us. We just don't want to give him a ton of extra work since he's not from Florida (we're local to Orlando.) We would probably help find a ceremony script that we love, but I'd love some advice and whether or not we should just choose one of the officiants that are recommended here.


Earning My Ears
Jan 31, 2020
We are having my friend officiate ours in about 10 days. She got ordained online in less than a minute. I just googled wedding scripts and found one I really liked and just made some changes more tailored to us. The website she got ordained on has sample scripts too.


The Attic was just perfect!
Aug 24, 2006
Yeah, you can have him get an ordination free online via someplace like the Universal Life Church. I do think, however, that it will be fair amount of work for him because he'll also need to learn how to run the whole ceremony. Using a professional officiant ensures that the ceremony runs smoothly and unobtrusively. It would also take that responsibility off your BIL and allow him to enjoy the ceremony as a guest.


DIS Veteran
Aug 6, 2005
My uncle was able to get ordained through Universal Life Church and married my husband and I for our DLR wedding in 2003. It was a non issue. My husband and I created the ceremony script and sent it to my uncle in advance. He was totally cool with it. Practiced it at home, and then the day before we talked it over. It went smoothly.

My piece of advice is to make sure the person that you are asking to officiate is comfortable speaking in front of a room/group of people. While the attention is on the couple, they too are in the spotlight.