Arriving to resort way early with no car?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Son of Gadsden, Oct 16, 2013.

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    Jun 3, 2013
    My wife and I are considering flying rather than driving since our Southwest card has the miles to fly for free.

    Our main problem: We have two resort changes to go through during this trip. We check in to AoA on Nov 29, check out of AoA and into CSR on the 30th, check out of CSR and into Pop on the 7th, check out of Pop on the 8th.

    Has anyone done anything like this? We plan on having park tickets for 11/30-12/7.

    First question: How do we get from one resort to another with our luggage? Does Disney consider the possibility of this situation and have shuttles for it?

    Second question: Can we take our luggage from one resort and drop it off with the other in the morning and have it taken to the room whenever the room is ready like magical express? If not, what would you recommend doing?

    If we can't make this work, we're just going to drive, but it's a 10 hour drive, so flying would be nice.
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    The resorts will transfer your luggage for you. Just take it to luggage assistance, have it tagged for your next resort, and they'll take if from there. If there is anything you'll need during the day, keep that stuff with you. You might not see your bags until late in the afternoon. The new resort won't deliver the bags like ME does, but you can call and they'll deliver it to you when you're in the room. (Otherwise, you can pick the bags up.) A tip would be expected.

    The other thing you can do is take a cab, with your luggage, to the new resort. Check in and, if your room isn't ready, they'll hold your bags.

    We've done it both ways and it works very well. Personally, I preferred the cab route, but it was an added expense.

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