are there stocks for universal orlando


Mar 21, 2001
i think my subject title says it all if there are could you give me the name.

cant wait for royal pacific resort !!!
:D :D
Hey Suz,
Universal Stock is traded under Vivendi Universal. I think Sony has some play with this as well. The ticker symbol is just V. It is traded in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Keep in mind, Universal Studios Theme Parks is just one line of business done by Vivendi Universal. They have other businesses they run under this one symbol. I would suggest you research the company in detail before buying into the stock. Although, the way Universal Theme Parks are growing it might be a great buy.
Hope this help!!
Vivendi Universal owns half of Universal Florida, the other half is owned by the investment company The Blackstone Group. The stock symbol for Vivendi Universal is "V". There is no stock just for Universal Orlando.
Vivendi also runs some television stations and I believe they mergered with Seagrams so that would put some alcohol production on the table too.

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