Are Florida cities or attractions worth the trip?


DIS Veteran
Oct 4, 2005
Florida has many attractions, from Old St. Augustine to Weeki Wachee to the Everglades to Miami Beach and the Kennedy Space Center.

The state has many shopping malls, but as for "tourist malls" Disney Springs and Citywalk are the only thing that comes to mind.


DIS Veteran
Jul 5, 2015
It probably depends upon where you are from. There's very little in any mall in the entire state of Florida that you can't find at a mall located in a medium-sized (or larger) city in the United States.

But, if you live in rural Montana or a foreign country, you might be keen to visit a mall when visiting Florida. But, I certainly wouldn't recommend driving all the way to Tampa for a mall. Nothing there would be significantly different than what you find in Orlando.


Dec 29, 2003
I would suggest Sarasota and surrounding beaches. Also the Clearwater/Tampa beaches.


Earning My Ears
Jun 3, 2012
If you REALLY wanted to visit a mall the better ones are in Orlando. But they're still just malls. I wouldn't waste my time there unless you really need something there.

And of course Florida cities and attractions are worth the trip. I live here and visit different areas of my state all the time. Were you interested in a particular area?


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