April 7th, 2019 5-Night Baja Disney Wonder from San Diego, California


Aussie Princess
Jul 9, 2015
Hi All!

Hubby to be and I are breaking away from our normal style of holiday and embarking on our first cruise - Of course it is a Disney Cruise! We are doing the Wonder from San Diego - We did SD on our last trip and are SO excited to go to Phil's BBQ before we board! (We are coming from Australia so we love everything American like BBQ)

We are incorporating into this trip Coachella, Vegas, Disneyland and Malibu - We have a jam packed schedule and the cruise is our relaxing part of our trip! It will be our first time doing the USA without our kids so we are SUPER excited about this! We can finally ride all the attractions together without having the kids fight over who is with us!

Hoping to make some new friends and would love some advice if you have cruised before :)


Just a Mama mouse of 2
Sep 4, 2018
Hi! I am so excited to be going on my first Disney cruise! It will be my husband, my kids(will be 5 and 3), my parents and sister.
We are going on the cruise to celebrate my mom's birthday, and patepar anniversary. I have not stopped watch YouTube videos about DCL and have already started buying DCL inspired things to wear for each night . Can't wait to meet some new friends during the cruise.


Jan 20, 2004
Hi, we are a family of 4 from the UK, me, hubby, daughter (13), son (9).

We have cruised with Disney before from Port Canaveral and Miami, first time from California so looking forward to it. We have been on all 4 ships but looking forward to being on the Wonder again as we haven't cruised on her since 2010

If you have any questions ask away and I'm happy to answer if I can.


Aussie Adventurer
Aug 15, 2015
Not long now!! Anybody else on our cruise from DisBoards?

Hopefully you’ve also joined the Facebook Group for our cruise :)

Faye Lin

Earning My Ears
Dec 14, 2016
Hello! We just booked recently booked this cruise. Our first time sailing out of SD and looking forward to checking out the area. It's me, hubby, daughter 13yrs and son 11yrs.


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