AoA or AKL?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by rizzo0904, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Heading down in September. It will be DH, DS3, DS5, and myself. Debating between AKL and AoA. Right now I have reservations in a Cars suite. I like the theme, the Nemo pool looks awesome, I love the pull out couch for the boys and separate bedroom area for us.

    But a pool view at AKL would only be slightly more. I think the animals would be awesome to sit and watch. I've never been to AKL or AK.

    What would you recommend? This is a short trip...just 3 nights. We will likely just do two days at MK and one day visiting DD, different resorts, character breakfast, etc. Which hotel is easier to get to the MK?
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    Well, they're about equally far from MK. We haven't stayed at AoA yet, but AKL is our favorite resort. The atmosphere is amazing. Then again, the theming at AoA looks pretty amazing for little kids. The only value we've stayed at is Pop and we didn't like it. No hot tub, no pool slide, kind of chaotic and noisy all the time. Indoor corridors are nice too, especially when it's raining.

    Did you take a look at WL? It's usually in a similar price range as AKL and it puts you only a boat ride away from MK. It's gorgeous and we love taking the boats back and forth...much more relaxing and enjoyable than taking the buses.
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