Anywhere to volunteer with/for animals in the Peterborough/Lindsay area (sorry long)?

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    Jul 8, 2004
    DD9 sponsors animals though the Toronto Humane society, World wildlife, Ontario Federation of ?, Greenpeace etc., but is really looking for something a little more hands on. Due to my fathers extended illness, my volunteer committments have been minimal for the last couple of years, but now that my dad has very recently passed away, I am now looking to increase my volunteer time and DD is very interested in working with/for animals on a volunteer level. Sponsoring isn't enough for her anymore and she wants to be a little more hands on. She is only 9 so obviously this is something we would have to do together which would be great. I would like her to wait until she is a little older and more mature but I don't think I can hold her off much longer. Currently she is saving $100 (she is over half way there) to sponsor a litter of tigers through WWF but for months has been asking to do more "hands on" sort of volunteer work as well. For a nine year old she seems incredibly committed to helping animals/nature.

    Does anyone work for/know of any local agencies that help animals that are on the lookout for a couple of keen individuals? My volunteer background is primarily in fundraising. I thought I would call the Peterborough Humane Society and start there but wondering if anyone knows of any other local agencies that might also interest us?

    Thank you

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