Anything fun to do near the airport?


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Dec 27, 2000
We will be leaving from the LAX on a Wed. night. We have a 7:30 flight. We are kind of scared of the traffic as we are from a very small town and have never driven in a place like LA. We were wondering if there was something to do around the airport like a mall or something to keep us occupied for a short while. Is the traffic really bad around the airport? We definitely don't want to miss our flight. Thanks.
It's pretty bad especially around the time that you have to be at LAX. I don't know of any close by malls but the airport is filled with shops and restaurants.

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<font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color=navy>Well, the Encounter Restaurant is as close as you can get - it's right smack in the middle of LAX.

Hmmm, I live in the area, and I was thinking, what is there for you to do? You can go to Marina del Rey & wander the shops & have a bite to eat by the water. There is also Redondo Beach Pier, but that took 40 minutes on the surface streets & don't want you to get caught. One mall that is nearby, and close to the freeway is the Southbay Galleria...

How much time do you want to spend in the airport area before you leave?

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