Anyone want to share their deluxe dining plans?

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by mickeysgirl17, May 29, 2010.

  1. mickeysgirl17

    mickeysgirl17 Wish I was at Disney

    Aug 16, 2006
    I planning a trip next year and I am definetely doing deluxe dining! We will be there 8 nights, 9 days which gives us 24 meal credits each. I'm also trying to squeeze in some extras (la nouba, wonderland tea party, and parasailing). My plans look very aggressive and I haven't finalized anything yet, but I need ideas and would like to see how everyone fits in all the meals. Anyone want to share their plans/itinerary?
  2. tigger_ttfn

    tigger_ttfn Mouseketeer

    Sep 2, 2008
    We have done DxDP twice. Once for a short trip and once for a longer trip.

    What we plan is breakfast (usually a character meal) at 7am or so in order to get to the park when it opens. Then lunch between 12:00 and 1pm. I don't eat alot at breakfast so I'm am hungry by then. Then, dinner between 6pm and 7pm. We don't eat much snacks in between so we end of buying alot of stuff with snack credits on our last day.

    Of course, we book all TS for the meals and no QS. But, we also don't do the 2TS as some do with the DxDP.

    Hope that helps!
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  4. Cafeen

    Cafeen DIS Veteran

    Jul 24, 2009
    Gladly :).

    For 23 Sept - 26 Sept, I will (most likely) be joined by my mom who lives about an hour and a half away. The rest of the time will be just me.

    Thu 23 Sept - Fri 1 Oct (9 days, 8 nights)
    23 Sept
    Arrive by 2pm - Epcot
    Lunch @ CS (or Airport, or something else)
    6:30pm @ San Angel Inn

    24 Sept
    Lunch: LTT @ 12:15pm
    Dinner: Artist Point @ 7pm

    25 Sept
    Breakfast: Tusker House @ 8:30am
    Dinner: Boma @ 5:35pm

    26 Sept
    Lunch: Le Cellier @ 11:30am
    Dinner: Tutto Italia @ 6:05pm (to be replaced with Via Napoli if available)

    27 Sept
    Lunch: Tony's Town Square @ 11:30am
    Dinner: Citrico's @ 7pm

    28 Sept
    Lunch: Sci-Fi Dine In @ 11:40am
    Dinner: Yachsman @ 6:40pm

    29 Sept
    Lunch: Open (CS somewhere, may try a Y&Y walk-up, though that's pretty doubtful :))
    Dinner: Jiko @ 5:35pm

    30 Sept
    Lunch: Rose & Crown @ 1pm
    Dinner: Restaurant Marrakesh @ 6:30pm
    Note: Either of these are placeholders/backup for Via Napoli or Hacienda de San Angel as well, at least dinner for Hacienda that is

    1 Oct
    Lunch: The Plaza @ 11:50am

    I did leave about 4 credits open, which I can use for spur-of-the-moment breakfasts and the like. I also really want to get in to the new restaurants when ADRs open up, so crossing my fingers for that.
  5. SweetMommy

    SweetMommy DIS Veteran

    Jun 10, 2009
    This will be our 2nd trip on the DxDDP and we love it! Next trip my son will be considered an adult on the ddp, so this may be the last time we do it. Here are our plans.....We have set up our days so we mostly only have 2 sit down meals. The meals we don't have adrs for we will be hitting a counter service. Even using snacks for breakfast a couple of times. We are going for 14 nights so we have 126 dining credits and 84 snack credits to work w/.

    8/16 arrival day
    Narcoossee's 7:30

    Liberty Tree Tavern 11:35am
    Coral Reef 6:45pm

    Yak & Yeti 11:30am

    Chef Mickey's 7:05am
    Le Cellier 11:30am
    Cape May Cafe 6:35pm

    Ohana 5:10pm

    T-Rex 1:00pm (not on ddp)
    Fulton's Crab House 8:00pm (not on ddp)

    Ohana 9:20am
    Hollywood and Vine F! 3:40pm

    Sci-Fi 11:00am

    Grand Floridian Cafe 11:30am

    50s Prime Time Cafe 6:15pm

    Kona Cafe 9:05am
    Citricos 6:15pm

    Crystal Palace 6:00pm

    1900 Park Fare 9:00am
    California Grill 7:15pm

    Planet Hollywood 11:00am
  6. Mom2Elliot

    Mom2Elliot Mouseketeer

    Jun 18, 2009
    Here are ours for July. It helps that we are there full days on arrival and checkout day and we are doing one 2 credit meal. I'm excited to eat well!

    Cape May Buffet 9:20
    Cinderella’s Royal Table 5:35

    Crystal Palace 8:05
    Tutto Italia 5:15

    Donald’s Safari Breakfast 8:00
    Kona Café 5:30

    Chef Mickey’s 7:30
    Rose and Crown 12
    Grand Floridian Café 6:20 pm

    Play n Dine 8:00
    Sci Fi Diner 12:35
    The Wave 5:25

    LeCellier 11:45
    Boma 5:55 pm
  7. emmabemmainc

    emmabemmainc DIS Veteran

    Apr 18, 2007
    This will be the 2nd time using the DxDDP. Here's our plans for November:

    Arrival day

    Dinner--Artist Point or Citricos

    Breakfast (8:30)--CP
    Dinner--(7:45)--Cali Grill

    Lunch--Coral Reef--1:30
    Dinner--Chefs de France--8:00

    Breakfast--Tusker House--9:45

    Dinner--Cape May--6:30

    Breakfast--Chef Mickeys--8:30

    Lunch--San Angel--11:30
    Dinner--50's PT--6:15

    Breakfast --Kouzzina--9:00
  8. CathieArms

    CathieArms DIS Veteran

    Apr 25, 2008
    We're not going until next June, but - believe it or not - I've spent the last two or three weeks tweaking what I'd like to have. The times are just estimates because ya never know what you'll get when you make your reservations.

    Our intent is to stay at BCV.

    Day One: Arrival Day
    (Arriving around Noon)
    - Lunch at Beaches & Cream around 1-3ish
    - 6:00ish - Crystal Palace

    Day Two: Magic Kingdom Day
    - 10:30ish - Breakfast at Chef Mickey's (assuming this is an EMH day, we'll be at the park for 8:00 rope drop and then scoot over to the Contemporary via monorail for breakfast, then back to the park
    - Dinner will be early, so lunch will be a snack in the park
    - 4:30ish - Dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table

    Day Three: Epcot Day
    - 8:00 - Breakfast at Cape May Cafe
    - 1:00 - Lunch at Biergarten
    - 6:00 - Dinner at Les Chefs de France

    Day Four: Animal Kingdom Day
    Arriving at AK at rope drop around 9:00 a.m.
    - 10:00 - Breakfast at Tusker House with Donald
    - Early Dinner, so snacks for lunch
    - 5:00 - Dinner at Boma

    Day Five: REST DAY - Play at the Resort
    - Plan to sleep in, so light snack for breakfast.
    - 11:30 - Lunch at Beaches & Cream at Resort
    - 5:30 - Dinner at Ragland Road in DTD
    (We'll probably go to MK sometime after dinner)

    Day Six: Hollywood Studios - Full day
    - Counter service breakfast at hotel before leaving for DHS
    - 12:00 - Lunch at Sci-Fi Dine-in
    - 5:00 - Dinner at 'Ohana at Polynesian

    Day Seven - Hollywood Studios - Full day
    - Counter service breakfast at hotel before leaving for DHS
    - 12:00 - Lunch - Mama Melrose
    - 5:00 - Dinner - Le Cellier at Epcot

    Day Eight - Epcot Day
    Should be an EMH day from 8-9. We'll arrive at 8 and play around.
    - 9:30 - Breakfast - Akershus with the Princesses
    - 1:30 - Lunch - Rose and Crown
    - 7:30 - Dinner - Tepan Edo

    Day Nine - Magic Kingdom - 1/2 Day (Morning)
    Should be an EMH morning from 8-9. We'll arrive at 8.
    - 9:30 - Breakfast - Crystal Palace
    - 2:00 - Lunch - Counter Service (Maybe Hurricane Hannah's at Resort)
    - 7:30 - Dinner - California Grill

    Day Ten - Split Day between MK and Epcot
    - 9:30 - Breakfast - Counter Service Breakfast or maybe Crystal Palace
    - 2:15 - Lunch - Nine Dragons at Epcot
    - 7:30 - Dinner at Tutto Italia

    Day Eleven - Leaving WDW
    - 7:30 - Breakfast - Cape May Cafe

    That leaves me with one remaining TS, and I've been toying with the idea of doing the HDDR in place of the dinner at Crystal Palace, in which case, we'd do CRT for dinner the first night and HDDR for dinner on the second night. This scenario would use all of our meal credits.
  9. mickeysgirl17

    mickeysgirl17 Wish I was at Disney

    Aug 16, 2006
    Thanks everyone. I love seeing all your wonderful plans.
  10. texasgirl73

    texasgirl73 Obsessive Trip Planner

    Apr 6, 2008
    Just made a ton of changes since I decided to change which parks I was visiting on few days.

    7/11- Arrive at Beach Club

    Lunch- Beaches and Cream
    Dinner- Garden Grill 7:50pm

    Breakfast- 1900 Park Fare 9:30am
    Dinner- Tuskerhouse 6:10pm

    Breakfast- Cape May 7:30am
    Lunch- Hollywood Brown Derby 2:30pm
    Dinner- Kouzzina 8:30pm

    Lunch- Liberty Tree Tavern 11:30am
    Dinner- Cape May Clam Bake 5:15pm
    Desserts- Fireworks Dessert Party (OOP)

    Lunch- 50's Primetime 11am
    Dinner- Flying Fish 6:25pm

    Breakfast- Princess Storybook 8am
    Lunch- Biergarten 12:30pm

  11. PoohsFan1

    PoohsFan1 DIS Veteran

    Feb 19, 2007
    We are going to be in WDW from 9/9-9/16 and doing the DxDDP for the first time as well. I took this off of my itinerary.

    Thursday 9/9 Arrival

    B - Airport
    L - Resort
    D - California Grill
    - 5:30pm

    Friday 9/10 Epcot

    B - Akershus Breakfast @ Norway
    - 8:15am
    L- Le Cellier @ Canada Pavillion
    - 12:10pm
    D - Tuto Italia
    - 5:05pm

    Saturday 9/11 Hollywood Studios/DTD
    B - TBD
    L - Open
    D - Captain’s Grill
    - 5:30pm

    Sunday 9/12 Magic Kingdom
    B - Crystal Palace
    - 8:05am
    L- Liberty Tree Tavern
    - 1:00pm
    D - Columbia Harbor House

    Monday 9/13 Hollywood Studios
    B - Cape May Café
    - 8:00am
    L - Sci - Fi Dine In
    - 12:40pm
    D - Boatwright’s Dining Hall
    - 5:05pm

    Tuesday 9/14 Epcot/MNSSHP
    B - TBD
    L - Chefs De France
    - 12:00pm
    D - Cinderella Royal Table
    - 4:20pm

    Wednesday 9/15 Animal Kingdom
    B - Donald’s Breakfast Safari
    - 8:00am
    L - Flame Tree BBQ
    D - Boma’s Flavors of Africa
    - 7:05pm

    Thursday 9/16 Magic Kingdom/Leaving
    B - Supercalifragilistic Breakfast
    - 8:00am
    L - Tony’s Town Square
    - 1:50pm
    D - Airport
  12. wyonative78

    wyonative78 Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

    Oct 24, 2007
    Sure! :thumbsup2 DH and I will be there for 7 nights (21 TS/person). We wanted to do as many 2 TS as we could, so we'll actually end up paying OOP for a couple meals.

    Tuesday, June 22 (Arrival Day)
    Narcoossee's - Grand Floridian/Outer building
    2 TS/person

    Wednesday, June 23
    Tusker House - Animal Kingdom/Africa, Harambe
    1 TS/person

    Chefs de France - Epcot/France
    1 TS/person

    Yachtsman - Yacht Club
    2 TS/person

    Thursday, June 24
    Kona Cafe - Polynesian/Second Floor of Great Ceremonial Hall
    1 TS/person

    Plaza - Magic Kingdom/Main Street USA
    OOP (we'll be eating very light on this one - see below!)

    4:15pm (we just cancelled Tokyo Dining for this - keeping our fingers crossed that we can get a later ADR!)
    Rose and Crown - Epcot/Great Britain
    1 TS/person

    Friday, June 25
    Starring Rolls - Hollywood Studios
    Snack credits

    Sanaa - Animal Kingdom Lodge/Kidani Village
    1 TS/person

    Citricos - Grand Floridian/Second Floor
    2 TS/person

    Fireworks Dessert Party - MK/Tomorrowland Terrace

    Saturday, June 26
    Boma - Animal Kingdom Lodge
    1 TS/person

    Yak & Yeti - Animal Kingdom/Asia

    Hoop-Dee-Doo - Fort Wilderness/Pioneer Hall
    2 TS/person

    Sunday, June 27
    Akershus - Epcot/Norway
    1 TS/person

    Le Cellier - Epcot/Canada
    1 TS/person

    9:00pm (late so we can see the fireworks!)
    California Grill - Contemporary/check in at podium on 2nd Floor
    2 TS/person

    Monday, June 28
    Starring Rolls - Hollywood Studios
    Snack Credits

    50's Prime Time - Hollywood Studios/Echo Lake
    1 TS/person

    Jiko - Animal Kingdom Lodge
    2 TS/person
  13. vikkii19

    vikkii19 Mouseketeer

    Oct 13, 2008
    We're doing the deluxe plan for 9 nights this trip. Our last trip we only had it for 3 nights and thought it was a lot of food, but I had tried to squeeze in the most possible and did 3 meals each day and I also hadn't spaced them out much.

    I think I've learned from that and we will be attempting it again this year.

    Arrival Day Nov 11
    Lunch: Mara around 1:30pm
    Dinner: California Grill 7:55pm

    Friday Nov 12
    Breakfast: Boma 7:30am
    Lunch: LTT 12pm
    Dinner: Ohana 8:35pm

    Sat Nov 13
    Lunch: Coral Reef 11:40am
    Dinner: Flying Fish 7pm

    Sunday Nov 14
    Breakfast: Boma 7:30am
    Lunch: Mama Melrose FDP 2:10pm
    Dinner: Artist Point 8:05pm

    Monday Nov 15
    Breakfast: CRT 8:05am
    Lunch: QS
    Dinner: Tony's Town Square 6:30pm

    Tuesday Nov 16
    Breakfast: Donald's Safari 8:10am
    Lunch: Yak and Yeti 12pm
    Dinner: Jiko 7:05pm

    Wednesday Nov 17
    Lunch: Planet Hollywood 11:30am
    Dinner: Yachtsmen 8:05pm

    Thursday Nov 18
    Lunch: Chefs de France 12:00pm
    Dinner: Le Cellier 5:30pm

    Friday Nov 19
    Lunch: Sci Fi 11:30am
    Dinner: Narcoosee's 8:30pm

    Saturday Nov 20
    No meals, ME leaving at 6:30am
  14. jlhill4444

    jlhill4444 Mouseketeer

    Apr 12, 2010
    Here are ours. We are going Dec 17-23, staying at CR. This is the first time on the Dxddp. In May we did POR with the ddp and found we like a lot of places with 2 dinning credits so we upgraded for this trip.

    Fri- Breakfast at airport
    Lunch- The Wave
    Dinner- CS at MK for MVMCP

    Sat- Breakfast Akershus @ 9:00
    Lunch Teppan Edo (might cancel this is we are too full after breakfast)
    Dinner HDDR

    Sun- Breakfast Ohana
    Dinner Le Cellier

    Mon- Breakfast Tusker House
    Dinner Brown Derby Fantasmic Pkg

    Tues- Lunch CRT
    Dinner California Grill

    Wed- Lunch Sci-Fi
    Dinner Spirit of Aloha

    Thurs- Breakfast Chef Mickey

    We like to do either a ts breakfast or lunch and a 2 ts dinner. This way we are not spending all day eating and getting too much food. The snacks are used for whenever we get hungry between meals.
  15. mom2val

    mom2val Can't wait to go back

    Jan 27, 2008
    Dec 11-17--- We eat 2 meals a day. Our most looked forward to meals are 4 Signature Dining & 4 character meals---- I love Deluxe Dining!!!!

    Sat Dec 11 arrive at WL@ 12:30 - Magic Kingdom Day
    Lunch Whispering Canyon 1 pm
    Dinner California Grill 8pm

    Sun Dec 12 Epcot
    Nine Dragons 1pm
    Yachtsman 7pm

    Mon Dec 13 Animal Kingdom
    Tusker 10 am
    Narcossee 6pm

    Tues Dec 14 Epcot ------ MVMCP that night at MK
    Coral Reef 11 am
    Chef de France 5pm

    Wed Dec 15 Hollywood Studios
    1900 Park Fare 11 am
    Artist Point 8 pm

    Thurs Dec 16 Epcot
    Akurshus 12 pm
    Tutto Italia 7pm

    Fri Dec 17 Magic Kingdom
    Crystal Palace 10 am
    Quick service at hotel before ME @ 6pm
  16. AimeeMichele

    AimeeMichele Mouseketeer

    Jun 27, 2009
    My nephews are growing boys, so they are always hungry. This means 3 meals a day and snacks. My reservations are listed below. I'm so excited, October can't get here soon enough! :banana:

    Saturday, October 16th Hotel Day / Spectromagic!
    Breakfast my apt or the airport
    Lunch ? Gasparilla's Grill
    Dinner 5:00 - 6:30 PM Chef Mickey's

    Sunday, October 17th MK Day
    Breakfast 7:10 - 8:00 AM our balcony (snack credits)
    Lunch 12:15 - 1:15 pm Grand Floridian Café
    Dinner 7:15 pm - 9:00 pm Hoope Dee Doo Review

    Monday, October 18th Hotel day / Fantasmic tonight!
    Breakfast 9:15 - 10:45 am O'hana Best Friends Breakfast
    Lunch whenever pool side
    Lunch 2:30 - 3:30 pm Mama Melrose
    Dinner (milkshakes!) 4:30 - 5:30 pm Sci Fi

    Tuesday, October 19th Epcot Day AM EMH @ Epcot
    Breakfast 7:15 AM monorail
    Lunch 12:00 - 1:00 PM Teppan Edo
    Dinner 5:30 - 6:30 pm Cape May @ Beach Club
    Dessert 7:00 - 8:00 pm Beaches & Cream

    Wednesday, October 20th DHS Day
    Breakfast 7:00 - 8:00 am our balcony
    Lunch 12:30 - 1:30 pm T-Rex
    Dinner 5:55 - 7:55 pm Narcossee's

    Thursday, October 21st Hotel Day MNSSHP tonight!
    Breakfast 8:00 - 9:00 am 1900 Park Faire (might cancel this so we can sleep in)
    Pirates Cruise boys /Epcot Adults 9:30 - 11:30 am GF Pier
    Pick-up wrist bands for MNSSHP @ 4pm!!!
    Dinner 4:15 - 5:30 pm The Plaza

    Friday, October 22nd Epcot Day
    Breakfast 7:30 - 8:30 am our balcony (snack credits)
    Lunch 12:00 - 1:00 pm Les Chefs de France
    Dinner 5:30 - 7:00 pm Kona

    Saturday, October 23rd AK Day
    Breakfast 8:00 - 9:00 am Tusker House
    Lunch 12:00 - 1:00 pm Yak & Yeti
    Dinner 5:00 - 6:00 pm Gasparilla's Grill
  17. Tara

    Tara Bad Influence

    Aug 18, 1999
    You're 5 minutes ahead of us! :)
  18. tinkerbella69

    tinkerbella69 Mouseketeer

    Nov 24, 2008
    deluxe dinning plan just two adults staying at pop staying 11/27-12/4

    day 1 on plan night we arrive chef mickeys 7:10pm
    day2 breakfast ohanas 7:50am-dinner crystal palace 5:20pm then mvmcp
    day3 cape may cafe 9:00- dinner ohana 9:30pm
    day4 breakfast tusker house 8:00am-dinner yachtsman steakhouse 8opm
    day5 lunch kona cafe12:00-dinner crt 7:10
    day6 breakfast akershus 11:00am-dinnerles chef de france 6:50
    day7breakfast crt8:05am-lunch tonys town square 2:00-dinner california grill 9:10p
    day8 day we leave to drive back home but breakfast at chef mickeys 11:10am
  19. Tara

    Tara Bad Influence

    Aug 18, 1999
    Two trips:

    June 23-28 (Just me and DS8, he won't know until tomorrow at lunchtime and our flight is at 2:15!!)
    Staying at CBR, all meals out

    23 June
    D Flying Fish

    24 June
    B Crystal Palace
    D California Grill

    25 June
    B Hollywood & Vine
    D The Plaza

    26 June
    B Tusker House
    D Citricos

    27 June
    B Akershus
    D Yachtsman Steakhouse

    28 June
    B Cinderella's Royal Table
    August 27 - September 1 (me, DH, DS8, MIL)
    Staying at BCV, some breakfasts and most lunches/snacks in room

    27 August
    D San Angel Inn (dinner)

    28 August
    B Cinderella's Royal Table
    D California Grill

    29 August
    B Captain's Grille
    D Brown Derby

    30 August
    B Tusker House
    D Hoop Dee Doo Revue

    31 August
    B Whispering Canyon Cafe
    D Rose & Crown

    1 September
    L The Wave
  20. Brook1099

    Brook1099 DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2007
    Hi, we are a family of 4 split stay between BCV's and WLV's. 7 nights deluxe

    Nov8th- Lecellier
    Tutto 1 ts or CS to use before wed. midnight
    Nov9th Scifi
    Nov10th Yak and Yeti

    Nov 11th Chef Mickey breakfast
    possible cs by pool or lunch somewhere (no reserves)
    Xmas party nite CS
    Nov 12th Kona lunch
    Artist Point

    Nov 13th Crystal Palace breakfast
  21. CelebratingMagic

    CelebratingMagic CelebrationPreparation

    Jun 20, 2010
    A. November 20
    Dinner at Raglan Road
    B. November 21
    Lunch at Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater
    C. November 22
    Breakfast at the Crystal Palace
    Lunch at The Plaza
    Dinner at Narcoossee’s (Birthday)
    D. November 23
    Breakfast at Akershus
    Dinner at Teppan Edo
    E. November 24
    Breakfast at Tusker House
    Lunch at Yak and Yeti
    Dinner at Hoop De Doo
    F. November 25
    Breakfast at Crystal Palace
    Dinner at Boma
    G. November 26
    Lunch at Le Cellier
    Dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh
    H. November 27

    I am debating a few more, and waiting to hear back from Dad and his girlfriend. I was thinking about surprising them with lunch at TRex on the first day, off the dining plan, but not sure. May do dinner there on the 21st, after leaving Hollywood Studios (my least favorite park--great, but just not on the same scale as the others, especially dining).

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