Anyone used a spa/salon in the Universal area?

Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by JC Butterfly, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. JC Butterfly

    JC Butterfly DIS Veteran

    Oct 8, 1999
    Hi there!

    I was wondering which resorts (on site or off) offered salon & spa services and if anyone has recommendations? (or suggestions to avoid!)

    If anyone could provide an idea of what the menu of services cost that would also be helpful!

  2. CPM

    CPM <font color=blue>Stands up in the Spider-Man ride

    Dec 12, 1999
    Portofino has the Greenhouse Spa, it has a very extensive list of services. I don't know the costs but it's a beautiful spa.
  3. ldinCT

    ldinCT Earning My Ears

    Oct 18, 2001
    PBH has the only spa I believe. I had a 50-60? min massage in Oct, cost about $100. I was staying in the HRH and they came to pick me up in a golf cart because it was very early and very foggy. I love the walk between the two, but it was a little scary going under the bridge when you couldn't see. Massage and spa were very nice.
  4. I had a massage, mani/pedi at the PBH. It was lovely. I would recommend it highly......... I don't believe HRH has that available to guests.


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