Anyone have pictures they could share of CR garden rooms?


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Mar 2, 2001
There are 15 of us going in November, and I would like to be able to show them some great pictures to inspire them. Most are novices at all of this WDW stuff. 5 more might be joining us if we can covince the grumpy husband to ok it!;)

We stayed in the Garden Wing in June 2000. Our room looked so much better than any of the pics I have seen on any sites! I think they may have been remodeled since those pics were taken.

I will see if DD can scan some pics--she better at this computer thing than me.

By the way, we loved the rooms!!!

We LOVED our garden wing room. We had a beautiful view of Bay Lake, and every morning the ducks and other water fowl were there to greet us. At night, we could lie in bed and watch the Electrical Water Pageant. We were in South Wing, room 6317.

As for the decor of the room, it is very bright and whimsical. The rooms are huge, and the bathrooms were wonderful and big, with lots of storage space.

Have a great stay!
Anyone know where I could find some pictures of a tower room? We're staying there 4/20.
Thanks everyone! Are the garden wing rooms that brightly decorated? On Deb's sight they look all whitish. I kind of like those loud colors better. We will be in the North wing. Does anyone know?

Julesmom- Did you stay in North or South?

josierac and Blondie- Thanks for the links! There are some great pictures on those sights.

We stayed in the North wing. The room was brightly colored. It wasn't those washed out looking rooms. 2 queens bed & a daybed.

We also had a view of Bay Lake and a family of ducks stayed outside our room. You will love it!!!
The photo's on Deb's site are before the renovation. The brightly colared rooms are the new Decor. They are alike in both the Wings and the Tower rooms I've stayed in. You can view the rooms at :) Almost forgot, click on resorts, click Contemporary, click rooms 2001-2002. After looking at my room photo's for my stay, I noticed my North Wing room had a rounded sink area, where as the photos on disneypix has 2 cut out area's. I thought the style of the rounded sink area looked a little nicer.


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