Anyone get good deals with Frontier Airlines?

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    With airtran pulling out of our airport due the the SW merger and allegient going all whacko and charging for carry on's I am in search of a new airline. We typicall fly non stop to orlando 3-4 times a year. Our typical rate is around $130 RT have been as low as $100 RT and paid as much as $180RT from east Tennessee (TRI or TYS). 1

    To replace airtran, Frontier will start offering non stop to MCO. I know airtran and allegient's rates and promos like the back of my hand including when they usually change and how seat availability changes that. Frontier is all new to me and the fares are about $60-70 more than allegeint (before adding baggage fees) and $50ish more than airtran was. Can anyone give me any tips on how to snag a deal with Frontier? Do they have lower fares on certain days or the weeks or is there a coupon site I need to sign up for to find some better deals? Do they run good sales periodically or am I just wasting my time looking? We signed up for the 'official' newsletter deal thing but it's been 2 or 3 weeks and havn't gotten anything yet.

    Thanks for any info.
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    I received an email today from Frontier. Flights are only $60 one way, but you have to fly by 6/13. My trip is in December, so this offer does not apply to me. I wish it did!!!
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    PIRATEGIRL007 I'm in exactly the same boat as you. AT leaves us on Aug 12th, we just had our last flight with them last week. Allegiant was my next best bet (ok the ONLY other non-stop to MCO from our airport) but now with the carry-on fee added to the fact that they only go into Sanfiord, I've crossed them off my list. Frontier starts up in May for us, and I'm also anxiously awaiting to learn the ropes with them.

    Our next scheduled WDW trip is in October, and they do have a flight down for $89. Coming back is also $89 but not on the day I need (they only fly 2 days a week from our airport) and it leaves MCO at 8:15am. I'm not willing to be at ME at 5 am - so I have to find Plan B for the return.

    I signed up for what I thought was their newsletter but haven't gotten anything yet.

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