Anyone ever take a Make A Wish Foundation Disney Trip????


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Aug 18, 1999
My 4 year old daughter is being granted a wish from the Make A Wish Foundation, and of course she is wishing to go to Disney World. We were there 2 years ago for two days and she got sick and ended up in the hospital, so when she got discharged we went home. Can anyone give me their experiences, what is it like???


(I am going to post this on the DISabilities board also)
on this board and several others; she was leaving today for a second trip to WDW after making a Give Kids the World Trip 3 years ago. Search down through this board to get her contact info and I bet she'll give you the scoop when she gets back.

Her posts indicate it was a wonderful experience.
Thanks Enrich, I will do a search.
We went in may of 99 and had a wonderful time. They will give you tickets to Universal and DIsney and Sea World as well as other discount features. You can do a dinner show at Midevil times or even go to the movies. Give Kids The World is a wonderful place and has a resturant and ice store. They were filled when it was our trip and they put us at the Poly conceige we watched fireworks from our room it was wonderful. They even have 1 ngt a week you and DH can go out and they have Disney employees who volunteer to babysit. You will recieve a special button that allows you immediate access on all rides and even special rest areas in Epcot for VIP's to relax and have a beverage. If you have any other questions just let me know feel free to e-mail me And I hope you child is doing well. I know you will enjoy your trip.

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Thanks Wendy,

My daughter is doing much better now. Sounds like she is going to have a wonderful time at Disney!!!!!

Our neighbors just got back from a make a wish trip and had a wonderful time. They have 3 kids, their 1st grade daughter is in a wheelchair. She loved the place they stayed at, they were very, very grateful for the trip...


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