Anyone done the Disney Studios Tour through Disney Movie Rewards?


Jul 6, 2006
Hello! I have enough DMR points to claim the Disney Studios gold tour. Has anyone done this? :confused: I'm wondering how easy it is to set up a date.
My daughter is a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton and we are going to visit her in about 3 weeks. I would love to do the tour while we are there but I don't want to claim it and then not be able to get a tour scheduled. It says that you have a year to use them, but I'm not sure we'll be able to get there again in that time frame. She may not be there in 6 months so I'm hesitant to use my points. I've been saving them for many years!

Any information on this experience would be appreciated. Thanks! :)


Earning My Ears
Jul 6, 2019
I'm also curious about peoples experience with this... I only have just over 6000 points right now, but 12,000 seems doable in the future if I saved. It looks like there is also an avenue to a studio tour through joining D23 (for less than half the points to join d23 family gold). The major differences that I see are that the D23 tours are only on specific weekend dates and are 2.5 hours, whereas the rewards points tour is during the week during normal working hours, are 2 hours and may be less crowded, and dates may be more flexible?


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