Anyone collect disney magnets?

Discussion in 'Disney Collectors Board' started by grover, Sep 23, 2001.

  1. grover

    grover DIS Veteran

    Apr 26, 2000
    Just wondering if anyone collects disney magnets? I purchased one when we were in wdw, it is actually a small picture frame that has mickey on it and say walt disney world. What magnets have you collected??

    Grover in Winnipeg
  2. Sorcerer_Matt

    Sorcerer_Matt Mouseketeer

    Apr 26, 2000
    I do!

    I started in December of last year. I would say I have about 15 of them. They are from WDW and DL and are attractions and Logos. They are cheaper than pins, and some have the same picture that can be found on a pin. Plus it is hard to put pins on the refrigerator.
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  4. kaeoboy

    kaeoboy Disney 05-05-05 Visitor, 5 theme park locations, 5

    Aug 3, 2001

    I don't collect many magnets. I got one from MGM when I was there. Just the one that had the Mickey and the words "Disney-MGM Studios" on it. I heard from a CM that they would be changing the name soon.

    Then it's harder to store. I'm running out of refrigerator space. Unlike the pin bags, I just can't go out and buy a new one each time it fills up. :D

  5. Duckfan

    Duckfan constant begger of pins, medium size fish too far

    Dec 24, 1999
    but I hit the wrong button, see comments under I goofed and you caught me.
  6. lynxstch

    lynxstch I Love Figment

    Feb 2, 2001
    I started collecting them on my trip in 95 (pins weren't around yet..who knew what was to come?)...I have about 50, mostly of characters, but some of the rides and attractions and a few of the Disney hotel properties..then pins came along, and magnets went to the wayside..we did pick up a few new ones on our last trip in March, but more into the pin thing now..smaller and take up less room!

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  7. ~Kathie

    ~Kathie Tinker Bell Fanatic

    Jan 2, 2000
    I have lots........big ones small ones, picture frames. All are on my refrigerator and most of them Disney. I got all the poster ones from the DS a while back. They are cool. My kids used to pick up one for themselves on our yearly trips to WDW. The best ones they got were ones with their names on it. My daughter was thrilled...she never finds anything with her name on it. (Kris or Kristina). We did have a really old Figment one that recently broke. :(

    I try to rotate them so we have a different display all the time. The rest are on the side of the refrigerator so we do get to see those too.
  8. TinkerKat

    TinkerKat <font color=coral>The only thing that "I own" that

    Mar 15, 2001

    Is it a Kath thing?

    My refigerator... once you dig past my magnets is actually

    I too have an old figment with painters cap and a rainbow!
    I have been collecting them forever!

    When we were kids.. back in the 70's :) when the Magic
    consisted of ONE World, One Park... and a dollar got you
    two Big slices of pizza & a drink (in NY!)
    my mom saved her pennies all year. At the Park we were allowed to buy "little things"
    to purchase little things.
    I usually did a magnet, a piece of fake jewelry, or a banner for my
    room to put next to my Starsky & Hutch poster (Don't ask!)

    I have outgrown my fridge because now I collect the Movie poster pins
    So we bought a door for my side entrance that happens to be
    Steel... so now I see my magnets on the way out too:)


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