Anyone already visit the parks this week/weekend?

Shelly D.

Aug 24, 1999
How are the crowds? How's the weather?

I leave today for a conference in Pasadena, but am heading to DL/DCA on Friday. I'm starting to get giddy. :)
We were there April 8-14 and it was mostly cloudy and cold until the 12th. We had packed shorts and t-shirts so we FROZE!! It gets really cold in the evenings. The last few days were sunny and a little warmer, but we still needed to wear pants and a jacket.

Going to DISNEYLAND in April! Going to DISNEY WORLD in June! ºoº
We arre here right now and the weather is grand - 83 degrees and sunshine galore. It will cool to the 70's this weekend and can shower on Sat, The crowds are not bad is you plan. Go early in AM or late at nite. Use fastpass. We swim in afternoon. is fibe here. We have had bigger crownds at WDW than here. The park is smaller but offers more.


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