Any Hacks/Tips For Celebrating a Bday At WDW?

Je-Ree Olenik

Wish Upon A Star
May 30, 2017
We will be there for my bday in 70 days!

I know there is a bday pin and you can get a bday message from a character on the resort phone.

Does Disney do anything else when celebrating a bday?

It all depends on which Cast Members you happen to be running into.

In general Cast Members are much more likely to be nice and include you in things when it's your birthday but anything beyond that you'll have to speak up for, or have someone speak up for you. Have someone mention to a working Cast Member that it's your birthday and you're trying to do something special. If they're able to they may try and get you more involved with a show or meet and greet (depending on what you're doing).
My partner has received special personalized menus to take home at TS restaurants when I notified them in advance it was her bday. She also got a bday citation by Disney Springs security for mousecellaneous activity on her bday
We took our niece for her birthday last year. She got lots of free cupcakes and one time when we were scanning to get into hs they gave her free FPS for our whole party. It depends on the cm but sometimes they can be very generous!

Disney does ask when checking into the resorts and when making dining reservations if anything is being celebrated. Beyond the Birthday Button (which will elicit many well wishes from cast members and other guests), there are no guarantees of any special treatment.

That being said, my personal experience has been the occasional free special cupcake or dessert (depending on the restaurant).


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