Any fun restaurants at Disneyland?


DIS Veteran
Nov 15, 2006
Coming in next week and looking for fun restaurants. We love prime time and whispering canyon at Disney World. Wondering if there’s anything similar at Disneyland?


DIS Veteran
Mar 13, 2015
the most obvious is Blue Bayou, which is the restaurant IN Pirates of The Caribbean. The restaurant is located at the start of the ride, as the boats go through the Bayou. Request a waterside table and you can watch the boats go by as you eat your meal. You will get lots of opinions about the food, the service, the price etc from regulars but for a first timer to Disneyland , it really should be experienced. It is a truly unique Disney dining experience.

There are character meals at Grand California Hotel and Disneyland Hotel and I think in the park, but I;m not sure


DIS Veteran
Mar 21, 2012
Nothing like those unfortunately. Blue Bayou is great for theme as is Flos V8 Cafe in Carsland though.


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