Another TV Show Thread: Best Shows Nobody Watches


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Nov 25, 2015
We watched several episodes of The Kids are Alright (ABC) on Hulu, a bit behind again I think but we like it so far. I also enjoy Superstore.
  • porschegrl

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    Feb 25, 2009
    Some excellent shows mentioned already. I'll add:

    The Deuce (HBO)
    I'm Sorry (TruTV)
    Tacoma FD (TruTV) - Admittedly, probably not a "high-quality" show. And it took me a couple episodes to get into it. But I love it!

    I'll also give an honorable mention to Snowfall (TBS?). In my opinion, somewhat opposite to Tacoma FD, I recognize this is a high-quality show. But I watched season 1 and, when season 2 came around, I realized I had no idea what was going on, so I stopped watching.

    Ack, I didn't realize this was an older post. Still relevant though, I guess.
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    Sep 23, 2014
    I wish Better Call Saul got more attention. IMO it may well be the best series I've ever watched; superb writing, acting, cinematography. Everyone seems to be hung up on the idea it's Breaking Bad adjacent, but it's not Breaking Bad.

    I miss the Sopranos, even though it could not have gone on beyond the final season because too many of the best characters were dead. I think I'm just a little bittersweet knowing that in reality James Gandolfini passed away.

    I also very much liked Bunheads and was so sorry to see it cancelled.
    I always thought it would have been cool if Meadow took over the Soprano family. (AJ was obviously a weak idiot.) There would have been great inner conflict for her, plus the traditional conflict within the family and with other families of having a woman as boss.

    I also like Better Call Saul. I don't have cable, so I've been impatiently waiting for the next episodes to drop on Netflix.
    The best kept secrete is American Vandal on Netflix
    Good show. I hope they do a third season.
  • Diznygrl

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    Jul 8, 2005
    Sigh, I absolutely loved The Orville and was always worried that I was the only one watching and it would surely be cancelled. Was relieved when it was renewed for a second AND third season, but then dismayed to find out that it's now being moved to HULU for its third season. Not only that, but apparently it won't come back until sometime at the end of 2020! What the heck! I'm worried that both of these factors will alienate the show even further.


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