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Discussion in 'Non-Disney Online Games' started by AmberDaze, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. AmberDaze

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    Feb 17, 2006

    Looks interesting. It isn't something that I will probably play, but if you like building things, this may be for you. I created a character there (AmberDaze) just to see...there is safe chat, a report button, games, things to build, mazes, forums, and well, it's kind of fun to move your little robot man around. Can you say, got Blox?:thumbsup2
  2. Adventuredaz

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    Jun 29, 2005
    I have reviewed this game - and played it quite a bit. It provided hours of entertainment - somewhat frustrating entertainment...but none the less.

    As far as looks - lets face it your a lego person....getting past that there is a lot of fun to be had but you have to reallize there are a ton of kids in here that are rude at best and if you don't want to do things their way they claim to report you. You have never been called a noob so much in your life - and BTW: you will need to know TK - means team kill.

    The games inside the game are made by the players and scripted. The chat is pretty free but filtered for language. My daughter loves it, and make a running list of people that make her mad - she then goes to their room and wrecks their house. So if you find your house in ruins - don't look at me.

    After giving it a few days to look over - I wast way too much time driving cars off cliffs or down big hils or into walls. Paint ball is by far the best game in there. I agreed my dd8 could play but had to completely disable Chat. she see no chat this way and can only put in speed chat phrases.

    I don't really see any moderation - have no idea if they are compliant with COPPA (guessing no) if you care about that check that out first - It did require a small download - with updates - I do not recall e-mail verification.
    Each game is owned and run by the player that created it so reports - I beleive go to them to ban people from any particular game. Some games allow players to vote to boot a player.

    A ton of scripting in here by players to make the stuff work - its way over my level. I just go in to smash lego stuff or shoot people with paint balls. You have to go in with the mind set you are going to ignore the kids and that way no high blood preasure.
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    WWEDUDE <br><font color=green>I am in a head cast</font><b

    Mar 4, 2006
    Hmm, I might have to check this out. I am very interested in this. Is their many limations to a free account?
  5. Adventuredaz

    Adventuredaz DIS Veteran

    Jun 29, 2005
    I haven't run run into restrictions - But I know nothing about scripting so it's possible that this is restricted - I would not know since I did not look at those features - looking now to get really into building games and scripting you would probably want to be in a builders club - which is fee based.

    Note looking at the site they claim they are compliant and do moderate and review logs - as well they colloect minimal personal info at registration. As a parent - I would definately evaluate if the normal chat is ok for your kid - I did decide to go with supersafe chat mode for under any child under 13 most of which is from just plain mean kids and if you see filtered chat it is not dificult to figure out what was said. Aslo numbers - just don't want that available.

    Some days there is a lot of lag on some servers. as a free player you only get a tiny bit of credit each day for playing games.
  6. MissVMK678:0)

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    Sep 30, 2007
    looks interesting but not for me.
  7. threeboysmom

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    Feb 8, 2001
    :rotfl2: :rotfl2: :rotfl2:

    I know I shouldn't laugh.... but that is TOO funny!

    Are you sure you don't want to come play pirates?

    Sounds like you have quite the aggressive streak... ;)

    (and yes... I corrected all your typos) :)
  8. AndreeaScott

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    Mar 14, 2012
    Hey that was a good game I would definitely try it and share my experiences with you Guys!!!

    keep updating for more games..

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