Another proud parent moment: DD Sarah's picture is in the 2004 Church Camp Brochure


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Aug 23, 1999
The East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church owns and operates three campgrounds in NE Ohio. Both of our kids enjoy attending church camp at least once during the summer. Sarah particularly likes the "acting" programs offered at Camp Aldersgate in Carrollton (Ohio). In the summer of 2001, she attended two different camp programs at two of the three UM camps. Imagine our delight when we got the 2002 Summer Camp Catalog and saw Sarah's picture. This past summer, Sarah returned to acting camp at Camp Aldersgate. The person in charge of the camp immediately recognized Sarah even though she hadn't attended camp there in 2002. Once again, Sarah had an outstanding time at camp. When the 2004 Summer Camp Catalog arrived yesterday, we were once again delighted to see that Sarah's picture was in the brochure. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Sarah's picture was in the 1991 Little Tykes Catalog too. She is the most photogenic member of our family.

Here is a link to the rather large PDF file that is posted on the East Ohio Conference website:

I should contact the person who scans in the catalog as the images are very fuzzy in the online version, but Sarah can be seen on a picture at the bottom of page 10 (near the description of MADD camp) wearing a broad rimmed hat and a silly grin. That's my baby. :)


Dec 28, 1999
you got to love those photos of the kids when they are so happy


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Aug 23, 1999
She got a flurry of emails from all her 2003 camp friends yesterday. Presumably they all got the catalog and are making plans to reunite this summer.


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Jun 13, 2000
ACK! I posted a response and, ZAP, it was gone.

Very cool, and I nice picture.

I also have a DD Sarah who goes to Camp Pecometh, the camp in our Methodist conference. Her picture was in the brochure last year. This year she is applying to be a counselor. BTW, your camp costs less than ours.


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Jan 8, 2000
John, Great picture and it looks like a great camp program!:D



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Jul 16, 2003
Wow, John, that looks like a GREAT camp! Too bad we don't live closer. Lacey would LOVE that!!!

Tell Sarah I said hi!!


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Feb 18, 2002
Originally posted by Towncrier
. . .Sarah can be seen on a picture at the bottom of page 10 (near the description of MADD camp) wearing a broad rimmed hat and a silly grin. That's my baby. :)

Thanks for letting us know where we could see the picture of your baby. Very nice, John :).



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Aug 23, 1999
I guess I should be careful about calling her my baby girl. She's nearly as tall as me. I've got this "shorty" complex going on right now.

I have to relate a funny story about her. The other morning, Sarah could not find her coat. That's because on the previous evening she had simply slung it over the railing and I threw my coat on top of hers. Sue hates it when we hang our coats there, but she has told the kids that "only daddy" is allowed to get away with hanging her coat there. Sue finally told Sarah that I had found her coat hanging on the banister and that I had thrown it in the garbage. She walked over to the banister, picked up my coat, grabbed her coat, put it on, and then walked straight up to Sue and said "Daddy wouldn't throw out my coat. He paid $60 for it." Sue was amazed at Sarah's boldness as she continued to tell her mom that "...I know just what buttons to press and when". Yikes. She really is taking this 14yo thing to heart.


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Aug 19, 1999
LOL John. You have just taught her to be a strong confidant young lady. Try to remember that the next time she is strong and confidant in your face. ;)


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Feb 15, 2000
How neat, John. My son only ever had his photo in the catalog for his private school.


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