Another 3/4 Eastern Trip Report - 2

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    Monday - At Sea
    Dh took ds7 up on deck to do homework when he woke up at 7am. He's always been an early riser. ds3 and I slept in till 8:30. We had Palo brunch ressies for 10:30 so dh took boys to breakfast w/grandparents at Topsiders. I showered and got ready. We were the 1st seating for Palo. They offer mimosa or plain champagne as you're seated. Your server takes you on a tour of the buffet tables, fabulous. You also can order eggs or an entree item. I tried the famous stollen bread topped with jam, creme, and berries-excellent. And warmed cinn. rolls-yum. The only odd thing was we were not offered tea or coffee? We had to ask for it and she served it with our entree. Still an extraordinary meal, we didn't eat break or lunch that day. We picked kids up from club at 12:15 to have lunch, played ping pong, still windy, makes pp challenging. Took kids back to club and met mom and dad at adult pool. We went in hot tub and chatted with a couple curious about DVC. Tried to explain it and they could go to the seminar without fear of pressure to buy, don't know if they did or not. Went to get kids at 3:45 but they were combining groups for an ice cream party and they wanted to stay. FYI - check the kids navigators for specific events my ds almost missed flubber making one night. Also when they are transitioning - you cannot pick up or drop off when they're being moved. We changed quickly because there was a CC member cocktail party at 5. Dh took boys to deck 9 for ck -couldn't wait for dinner. They met us at cc party-very nice. Drinks and hor dourves nice ice sculpture. Introduced the head chefs. We had dinner in Animators Palate, I saw more of the light show this year, and Mickey came also. I skipped desser - finally, still full from brunch. Jugglers show was at 7:30 in Rockin Bar D seemed a little small for him to perform. 8:30 new show in Walt Disney Theatre, Twice Charmed. We thought this was excellent, much better than Hercules. I personally hated Hercules and thought it was the worst Disney show ever, IMHO. Dh took Ds3 to bed and grandparents ds7 and I went to Studio Sea for Spy game. It was a bit silly but ds7 loved it and mentioned many times after on the cruise, secret handshake.

    Tuesday - St. Marten
    Had a hard time deciding which beach to go to. We went to Orient last year and had a great time. Ds tries parasailing and loved it. But we didn't want to travel and spend so much time there. We decided to take the water taxi to Great Bay Beach. Worked out fine, the beach is smaller, and there is a drop off in the water about 3 ft. out. But we had sun, sand, and ocean -perfect. We took the kids back to ship at 1:30, showered and into clubs. We took water taxi back to town and shopped. Bought some awesome jewelry. We headed back at 5 and quickly got ready for dinner. We were in Parrot Cay for Pirate night, the waiters do a cute show with the kids joining in for a limbo. Ds7 wanted to go back to the club for a pj party with his new friend, Cate's from Atlanta. We walked around with ds3 in a stroller trying to keep him awake for the pirate deck party. Both kids fell asleep last year before it started. We had our spots on deck 10 at 9:00. My parents went to the movies to see Eight Below and met us. The pirate show was very different this year, alot of dancing and singing with characters on the Goofy Pool Stage. Mickey slides down the wire between the stacks instead of a pirate to fight Capt. Hook. I didn't like it as much, last year was more of a story, this year was all loud music and dancing. The fireworks were great of course. Only ds7 fell asleep right before and woke up right after and was mad he missed them. Ds3 slept thru everything. We ordered room service to deliver sandwiches to take to St. Thomas tomorrow. FYI - the club sandwich has 1 slice of meat and 1 of cheese, pretty skimpy. If topsiders is open before you disembark the next morning, go there and pick up more lunch meat to add to your sand. very nice. I'll stop for now and continue later.
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    Thanks for the report. I really enjoyed it.

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