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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Cathy baby RN, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Cathy baby RN

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    Feb 19, 2001
    I know it's been discussed on Dis about the Beach Club having some rooms with full size versus queen size beds. We were in room 1554 and when I walked in I thought the beds looked small. Next time I was at the desk I asked about full size beds being in some of the rooms the CM asked for my room # and said those are 2 queens in the rooms. No way were they queens. We sleep on one at home and are in the furniture business, so I know a queen size mattress when I see one :rotfl2: I didn't say anything because I liked the location of our room and didn't want to move.
    Another thing...the daybed was pretty small. We are use to staying at the Contemporary where the day beds are pretty much the size of a twin bed in length with a pretty good mattress with springs. The daybed in our Beach Club room was a pad on top of a bench type couch. The bed had wooden sides, so you couldn't stretch your legs over the edge if it was too short.
    We had to rearrange sleeping arrangements and put the 10 year old on that bed and the teenagers on the other.
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    Right, i think the daybed is made for kids.. not geared toward adults.. So, that made sense what you did.
    I can't say about full/vs queen, cuz last yr my dd ended up in my bed with DH all night and i took over the daybed.. Which btw, felt like a fine size for me personally. Actually, i was quite comfortable on it for the 6 nights, and told my dd that if they have those at the YC if she wants to sleep with daddy she can, and i will again take the daybed. (BTW, i am 5'6", but i can see where someone taller would be uncomfortable), but the comfort level of the daybed mattress itself seems fine to me. And during our stay i was recovering from a bad neck injury, so i had brought a memory foam pillow to use.
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    Apr 1, 2001
    We thought the beds at BC were small too. Actually, the first room we were assigned definitely had double beds. My husband went to desk and complained. We were moved to a different room. The beds in that room were a little better, but still not real queens.

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