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Oct 23, 2004
This is one of the first restaurants in the Disney Village. Given its location it can get very busy, especially when the park closes at 7pm.
You cannot book but there is a takeaway option.

The theme is an American diner from the 1950's.
Menu is lots of burgers and salads.
Sometimes you may be lucky to see a castmember on rollerskates and they do a mini show with songs from Grease etc.

Children's menu

{new picture required}

This folds into a car which the kids get to keep :)


Breakfast is €12.50

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Jan 27, 2005
This is a great place to eat. Even if there is a queue for a table it moves quickly.
We try to eat here every holiday. Last visit in aug 2006 we ate dinner. DH and I had the Taco salad which comes with salad in the middle and three tacos around it. Each taco contains either grated chees, chilli or gucamole. This is the 2nd time I have eaten it and it is wonderful. Ds had chicken fajitas which he enjoyed and DD had hot dog as she was not very hungry. We had a banana split between the three of us. the service was good and the waiting staff were very pleasant. We ate during the early evening whilst the park was still busy and the place was quiet.


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Jun 7, 2005
Unfortunately, we were disappointed with the take away option. No one ever came to take our order, so we left. This happened on various occesions (we have annual passes).

Hopefully others have had better experience.

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    Aug 13, 2005
    We loved this and will make it our first stop this year :thumbsup2

    Food was good and Milkshakes were super yummy !! but a bit much if you like a pudding too ;)

    We went with DD(almost 3) who loved the atmosphere. We were lucky enough to spot rollerskating waitresses and have a couple of song renditions during our visit one evening last September. It was however the only place we had to queue to get into.Which was the only downside

    Can't remember what DH ate but it may have been fajitas . I had the BALTO - a twist on the BLT with Bacon ,Avocado . Lettuce and Tomato(I'm not a beef person so don't eat burgers). DD :bride: had her favourite -pasta in sauce.

    Tip :If you are travelling with two young children I would order one portion and share it . The kids portion was more than I could have eaten.

    I also had a delicious milkshake and DD and DH had puds ! both of which were completely demolished so must have been good :rolleyes:

    Kids get to take away their cup and a frisbee that makes up the base of their plate (you can buy extra's if you use the sharing option).

    The cup is plastic with a grip lid with space for only a straw to get through. It is very useful as it is very hard to spill if knocked over .

    Overall we really liked Annette's and will definitely return. :thumbsup2


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    Dec 22, 2005
    We ate here once as the set menu is really good value, and the themeing is very good.
    The child portions are massive here, and I would think that if you have small children they could easily share a meal. I am sure that they gave my dd more fries than what we had on our adult meal.

    My daughter had the fish meal which was good quality.

    My sister and I both had burgers which were good for the price.

    We found the service a bit slow and they bought out dd meal about 15minutes before ours.
    The Menu does have an excellent choice, even if you don't eat burgers, there is still plenty of other stuff to order.

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    Jan 23, 2003
    We had a lovely meal at Annette’s in August 2006. Bryan and Samantha had the Euro Chick chicken burger

    Danielle had the kids burger, Francesca had nuggets and I had Lucky Leo's Burrito Wraps.

    For dessert Danielle and Francesca had ice-creams, Samantha had the Happy Days Brownie sundae

    whilst Bryan had The Big Apple Apple Crumble

    and I had the American Pie (apple pie).

    We all agreed our food was delicious and the portions were HUGE!!! :scared:
    The 50s setting is great fun, like something out of Happy Days or American Graffiti, and we saw some rollerskating servers :jumping3: but unfortunately no rendition of Grease.

  • tttessa

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    Mar 4, 2007
    What fantastic photos of the food - looks totally yummy!!!

    We visited Annettes on our last(first) trip to DP in May last year - food was very nice - portions were big and service was good. We ate at 6pm and there were no queues, though it was a bit busy.


    ps - also a hoarder of fridge magnets!!


    Feb 6, 2007
    great photos!
    i love love LOVE Annette's Diner, we've eaten there EVERY time we've been to disneyland and it had never failed to impress. my mum's not shy so i remember her always getting us up dancing wen the waitresses did!
    the food is fun and good value, and the coke float is scrummy!
    definitely recommend it - i'd go as far to say its the best in the village purely because of what you get for ur money (altho if u have a little extra to spend then cafe mickey is also a must!)


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    Mar 30, 2005
    We always seem to have one meal here. I always think it's one of the best value meals available.
    Between us and in 3 trips we've tried a lot of things from the menu and never been at all disappointed with the food. Last visit my sister had the pumpkin soup which arrived in a bread pot, she said it was absolutley delicious, it certainly looked and smelt it too.
    If you're ever tempted to try the Elvis dessert, bear in mind that it comes with 4 spoons and there's more than enough there for everybody. We had 2 between 7 of us and failed to finish either.

    and if you're really lucky you might get to meet the great man himself!

    I've never seen a rollerskating waiter(ress) or been treated to an impromptu performance by the staff which others have reported back.


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    Mar 17, 2007
    We ate here for lunch on our last day, 16th March 2007, and LOVED it. I had the classic cheeseburger and fries, hubby had the chicken burger and fries and our 3 yr old daughter had fish and chips. All of the food was lovely, the waitress was friendly and very good with our daughter. Hubby and I then shared the banana spilt but even between us came nowhere near finishing it. Our daughter had the smarties push up ice cream which many of the restaurants are currently offering as a kiddie desert.

    The decor of the place is fab and you feel like you are in 50's America! No rollerskating or singing waitresses though, but it was only lunchtime and low season! Will definitely be eating there again next time we are in DLP.
  • Headzila

    Oct 28, 2005
    We ate here on the last day of our last visit. We'd always planned on eating here on all our previous trips but never got around to it but we really wish we had. I had the chilli burger and Claire had a cheeseburger and they were both amazing. We couldn't manage anything else for the rest of the night they were so big. We had one of the fabled roller skating waitresses as well. Two thumbs way way up :thumbsup2 :thumbsup2


    Feb 24, 2006
    On our first night we went to Annette's Diner. We arrived there just after closing of the Disneyland Park and were immediately seated on the lower level in the back. Each of us had a starter or main course and a dessert.

    I choose the sampler as my meal and I don't think that I'll choose this one again. There was too much cheese on top of the tortilla chips. And more than enough to share with the others while they were waiting for their meals. The other items on the plate were nice but nothing special.

    My sisters and sisters' boyfriend had

    For dessert we had three different desserts.

    Elvis the King

    And the Cafe Gourmand

    The food was average but the service was good.


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    Nov 15, 2005
    I ate there in 2002 and it was fun and the food was good. I looked at the prices this trip and it was waaay over what I wanted to spend on a meal, unforunately! (The takeaway option was better).


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    May 24, 2007
    we make sure to eat here every time we go, and have never been dissapointed by the grat theming and marvelous food! The first time we went to dlp nearly all of the staff were on rollerskates and there were several impromtue grease performances throught out meal.

    But, with every time weve been this has become rarer and rarer.


    Oct 11, 2006
    I have never been to Annette's Diner before but after seeing all these nice food pics, I would love to give it a try this summer... all the food look yummy, especially the elvis dessert! :goodvibes
    Does anyone knows when is the best time to go? I would like to see the CM in rollerskates and doing some grease performance. Do they do that daily at fixed timings?


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    Mar 5, 2005
    We ate here for tea a couple of years ago and intend to return next trip for a yummy milkshake :goodvibes




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    Mar 25, 2007
    We never saw any rollerskates or Grease performances unfortunately, but the food was great!
    We ate there on the last day of our holiday last July and really enjoyed the diner atmosphere.
    Two of us had the frank'n'beans, which I'd definitely recommend and the other had the Eurochick burger which was good (coleslaw on the side a nice touch). For dessert I had the brownie sundae which was delicious and my mum and dad shared the apple pie.
    I'd definitely recommend Annettes Diner, but it gets pretty busy at night and I'd suggest doing a late lunch when it's less packed.


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    Oct 7, 2005
    I ate dinner at Annette's on May 20, 2007. It was a Sunday evening, around 7 pm. There was no wait to be seated, and they asked me if I wanted to sit at the bar or at a table (since I was alone).

    I ordered the menu, which consists of a 50 cl drink, a Classic burger (choice among 5 or 6 "simple" burgers) and then had a choice between coffee or brownie a la mode.

    I ordered the Eurochick sandwich (breaded chicken breast, chease, mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce, pickle, cole slaw and fries). It was very good, but I think next time I'll take a "real" burger.

    For dessert I had the brownie a la mode: brownie, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry.

    Around 7.45, the waiters jumped up the tables and danced to two songs. It was fun in a way, but there was no "energy" during the dancing, whch made it appear as if they were not at all liking what they were doing.

    I liked my dinner here a lot, and will also be back!


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    Mar 20, 2006
    I love Annettes, definitely my favourite restaurant at DLRP.

    The value is exceptional too, with the burgers being massive!! ( i once saw on a review site someone saying they're nothing more than McDonald's burgers, no way can i agree with that!!).

    Also everytime we've been we have had a Grease show, and have seen rollerskaters twice!!

    Also there were two dancing snowmen in the when we went at New Years, who both fell over when the music stopped, very funny indeed!!


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