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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by TinkGurl13, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. TinkGurl13

    TinkGurl13 Earning My Ears

    Jan 4, 2013
    Our family has decided that we want to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge instead of the Boardwalk Inn. My question is....we are booking a pool view room & when I read the description it talks about the room comes with either 2 queen beds or 1 king bed with a daybed. How are you to ensure that you are getting a 2 queen bed room? We don't want a king bed or daybed option. If anyone can answer my question, I sure would appreciate it ;) Also, any feedback on our choice for the Animal Kingdom would also be appreciated. Is transportation good with AKL? I know it is bus service, but just wondered. Thanks so much!
  2. minnie mum

    minnie mum Unapologetic Disney Fan(atic)

    Mar 8, 2011
    All you can do is request the 2 queen beds. They'll try to accommodate your request.
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  4. Sue M

    Sue M DIS Veteran

    May 27, 2009
    My daughter & I have had 2 stays at AKL, I never thought to request 2 queens, but always have gotten them. I don't think they have many King rooms, there are way more queen rooms. Doesn't hurt to make a request though.

    OLIVIA'S DADDY Mouseketeer

    Jan 15, 2011
    Hotel is amazing, lobby is beautiful, even the way it smells is great...We had a pool view, 2 queen beds, and the view was really nice...The fact that you can walk outside and see animals is a great bonus and, the pool is very big with a nice slide...We only tried the quick service restaraunt, i dont remember what is was called but i had some african stew and it was really good, my daughter had the mac n cheese and ate a few bites like always...Like i said the hotel is just beautiful, the only setback i would say would be waiting for buses but, what can you do...You already know about that anyway so you should be good...The gift shop is great too...Not sure about how you go about getting the 2 queen beds, I'm guessing just make a request and hope for the best...Sorry i couldn't be of any more help, but you picked a great resort...Enjoy your trip!
  6. LovinPooh

    LovinPooh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2008
    I m staying at akl for the first time next month. Super excited. I love how all the reviews r good. I have a pool view as well. With these rooms, how is it getting to the buses?
  7. suemom2kay

    suemom2kay DIS Veteran

    Feb 26, 2008
    How many members in your party? The king rooms are generally for couples who request them.
  8. MickeyEars

    MickeyEars DIS Veteran

    Jun 13, 2000
    We're staying at AKL for the first time May 28-June 5 and I can't wait!!! We also have a pool view booked.

  9. SimplyGoofy

    SimplyGoofy "You are not Mickey Mouse... you are a rat!"

    Jul 31, 2011
    Incredibly easy. The buses for all four parks and downtown Disney are located just past the main entrance. Just walk out the entrance, turn left, and walk past the outside of the gift shop... voila!

    I found the bus service to be very good, and never thought I had to wait too long or travel too far. AKL is not nearly as far from the parks as it appears (or as you may hear).

    Plus, the resort is beautiful! You'll love it! :thumbsup2
  10. carrie1626

    carrie1626 DIS Veteran

    Jan 3, 2001
    Absolutely request a 2 BR room, but I wouldn't worry about it. Also, the pool view rooms are fantastic location wise. You aren't necessarily close to the savannahs but you are to pretty much everything else.. For me, the $$ saved was well worth it because I knew we weren't going to spend alot of time of the balcony. We did however always visit one of the savannahs either leaving the resort or when we returned, sometimes both. because We had so many random visits, we saw alot of animals up close and personal. AKL is my FAV resort of all time. ENJOY!!

    ps: BUS SERVICE FOR ANY RESORT is a toss up depending on who you ask. I found it to be just fine-no complaints.
  11. rosanab1031

    rosanab1031 Mouseketeer

    Feb 19, 2013
    I will be going to Disney World for the first time this June. My boyfriend doesn't know about it yet. He has been before but it has been a very long time. I used my points for DVC to book a standard view room. I am super excited and cannot wait! Glad to hear the resort has such good reviews. I was told the Animal Kingdom is where we would spend the least amount of time, but I think it will end up being my favorite! :p :)
  12. danceintherain

    danceintherain DIS Veteran

    Oct 2, 2007
    We stayed in a King Bed - Pool View room at AKL for our honeymoon and didn't have any complaints. We specifically requested the king bed, because it was our honeymoon. I think the occupancy limit is 3 in a king bed room. I doubt you'll have a probably getting queen beds if you specifically request them.
    I really enjoyed the location of the pool view room. We were equidistant from the lobby and the elevators that take you down to the pool and CS food location.

    The buses were perfectly adequate, and we didn't run into any problems that couldn't happen anywhere.
  13. disneybliss2

    disneybliss2 DIS Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    We stayed at AKL for the first time this past summer and LOVED it! It far exceeded my expectations.

    We had a pool room, which I found to be a great compromise between the standard view and savanna view. What was great about pool view: much cheaper than savanna, just a slight amount more per night compared to standard view, great location (close to pool, CS restaurant, buses, lobby), and nice view. There were so many viewing locations to see the animals that we truly didn't miss the savanna view. I was surprised that there were even glass partitions in the resort as we walked in the hallway that we could see the animals through as we walked to/from our room.

    The cast members, many from South Africa, added so much to our vacation. They are at each of the animal viewing locations and can share with you so much about the animals and Africa itself. They are wonderful to visit with.

    If you have children, be sure to take advantage of the activities they offer for the kids. My girls loved all the activities they did.

    I would definitely schedule a meal at Boma and take advantage of the convenience of this wonderful restaurant during your stay.

    Transportation was a concern of mine prior to our trip. I fretted some about it because of the concerns you hear on the boards. I was pleasantly surprised that we had no issues or concerns at all. The buses were timely, and the rides to the parks took less time than I thought they would. I didn't notice any extra time to Epcot or DHS. To AK, it was just five minutes. It took a little extra time to MK, but just by a little; honestly, nothing really noticeable.

    I hope you enjoy your stay at AKL. It's like a trip to MK and a mini vacation to Africa all in one.
  14. Sgt Mickey

    Sgt Mickey <font color=red>I will always remember where I was

    Feb 5, 2009
    The last time we went we stayed in the King size room. And out friends had the adjoining room that was the two twins. I have four kids and my hubby was gone so one of my kids stayed with her and we booked four in our room which was the king size. The bed fit all of us and my oldest son slept in the day bed.

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