Animal Kingdom day help needed


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Jul 13, 2010
We are headed to WDW in about two weeks and are still messing around with plans.

Right now we have a 4pm ADR at Yak and Yeti. After looking over plans as a family last night we decided we want to try something different. What are your recommendations? We aren't opposed to a resort meal, but our FP+ are for 10am, 11am, and 1:30pm and we want to have most of the evening at the park because we haven't been since Animal Kingdom started evening hours.

What do you think? Tusker House? Boma? Something entirely different?
Tusker House and Boma have similar food offerings, so if you want to maximize your park time I think Tusker House is a more convenient choice. Tusker House also has characters while Boma does not, if that makes a difference to you.
It's been a few years but when we ate at tusker house it was a good buffet and it has characters. On our next trip we are going to do Sanaa on our animal kingdom day.
Tusker has a good buffet, at least for lunch (one of the better ones we tried). Character interaction was a lot of fun and they are in safari outfits.

Boma would be my first suggestion but, I believe doesnt start dinner until 5 pm- that would mean leaving the park and returning. It's close by but not sure if that would work into your plans. Tusker House is great too and might be more convenient since it is in the park. Also, I think Boma has a slightly more unusual ( but more extensive offerings) than Tusker House so depending on the ages of your family and if you have picky eaters.... and if you want to see characters (Tusker House ) those would be things to consider. Boma might be a little more peaceful since it is out of the parks and doenst have characters. I think you would enjoy either. Sanaa is neat and you get to possibly see animals out the window at dinner ,the bread service and butter chicken are amazing ( but once again,this is out of the park)-and might be limited for picky eaters.
Every time we plan on leaving AK for a meal and plan on returning we never do go back. That walk from the buses to Discovery Island alone is very unappealing after a big meal, especially if it is hot and humid. We usually end up just leaving even after a meal at RFC because of the walk. There are enough good dining options in AK, that you really don't have to leave. If you don't want Y&Y, as others have mentioned you have TH which is a solid character buffet. There is also Tiffins which is one of the better Signature restaurants. If you aren't tied to a TS restaurant for dinner, Satu'li Canteen in Pandora is an excellent CS location and Flame Tree BBQ is pretty good as well. If you are looking to experience AK at night, do what you can to stay in the park.

Tiffins is our favorite TS on property right now. When we don't feel like a full meal we will also do just apps and drinks in the Nomad Lounge, which happens to be our favorite watering hole on property as well
We do Tusker House on most trips because it saves us time standing in line to meet characters. We've only done breakfast there so I can't comment on the dinner food.

We have been talking about going to AKL to try the restaurants there, but we never get around to it.
We love Boma. On our last trip, we did all day at AK for the first time and tried new restaurants. We fell in love with Satu'li Canteen and Tiffins Restaurant.
We actually had a decent enough meal at Restaurantosaurus that I'd go back there. We've also had good counter service meals at Flame Tree BBQ on past trips.
For TS, I'd go with Tusker. But, as mentioned above, lots of good QS in AK. The only issue I have with QS in the summer is the lack of indoor dining options.
Since you mention that you want to spend the evening at AK, I would do either Tiffins or Tusker House. Totally different, but good in their own way. Depends on whether you want character dining and a buffet or not.
Boma is very good as is Sanaa. However, I wouldn't spend the time leaving the park and then going back in and through security again just for the meal. Including travel (waiting for a bus at both ends), etc, you could spend the better part of an hour getting there and back.
Tusker House. Good food, great character interaction. One of our favorites.


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