An Engaging and Magical Asian Adventure - Update 6/10 We finally make it to Tokyo Disney Sea!!


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Feb 26, 2007
That's great!! I do get that long days are different from short visits and three days of serious WDW touring tires out the healthy people, too. I sometimes think one of the reasons why we have less ECVs here is that we do have a lot of sick days (up to 6 weeks with full wages, after that you still get a portion of your wages) and therefore people can take more time off to really work on re-gaining mobility after an accident. I recently read something about that this is one of the reasons why we have far less people in Europe taking pain killers as there is less of an economic need to function again as soon as possible.
Yes, I am over a month behind readung updates :rolleyes1 but I just had to comment on this insight---I think it is a really good one and very likely one of the big factors in the levels of all kinds of chronic health issues in the USA.


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May 23, 2012
ut first another perspective
Using my tablet so the full quote didn't show for some reason but I really enjoy all the different Disney castles.

BTW, I have to say that maybe it was the heat or the jet lag or the excitement of being in a totally new Disney Park, but food was not something we seemed all that concerned with. Yes, shocking, I know
Very shocking :laughing:

. It will change as we move on to Tokyo (should I have included a spoiler alert?).
Well too late now. ....:faint:

So, we walked through Disneytown towards the bus stops.

I thought you said it was crowded :confused3

Michael got an Australian
All those choices looked yummy

They were offering a special drink at the Sunnyside Market:
Quite fitting indeed! :thumbsup2


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Mar 16, 2006
Hi Magdalene! :wave2: Haven't been on the DIS for quite awhile! Sounds like this was an amazing trip! And congrats on getting married! I'm so happy for you! DH and I finally made our Paris/France trip in May! Wonderful time and wonderful country! :love:But alas no Disney Paris for us. That just gives us an excuse to go back!:hyper:
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    May 23, 2012
    Looks like life has been as busy for you as it has been for me. Hope you had a great birthday! :cake: Tried to post here but the DIS was having issues :guilty: so hopefully you got my email. :hug: Hate we missed Michael at DW. Unfortunately the window of opportunity was very limited. :worried:


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    Dec 27, 2013
    Just checking to see if you've popped in here. Looks like you are super busy with life, but hoping it's all good things. Miss you!


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    Jun 22, 2012
    Finally got to read some of this. Looking forward to the Japan part. We plan to go in 2022. I want to hit Tokyo, Disneyland, Kyoto, Osaka, and Universal and maybe the Miyazaki park. I know, it's pretty far off. I completely get the life getting in the way. I have given up on writing trip reports, because I end up having too many trips between and never get to finish the earlier report:rolleyes1 Oh well. I hope you find time to update on Japan. Thanks for taking the time to write this report.


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    Finally able to catch up ! So sorry for the delay.

    Yes, I took pictures of all of them (my boyfriend was making fun of me because of that). Do I know the boyfriend? He has to be a saint to put up with you!
    Married an already have a boyfriend... Girlfriend......


    We knew that he would be thrilled about any that we could find for him, so we went to purchase them and the lovely CM at the register chats with us about how this is a set of six pins and we said yes, we know, but we only found these. She said that she would get us the others and went off into their storage area and came back with the missing three! So, we were thrilled that we got the full set for Michael’s friend!
    Nice that you could get the whole set.

    And with that we left the park, took the bus back to the Toy Story Hotel and fell into bed at midnight finally with plans to try to catch the 7:15 a.m. bus to get to the park for rope drop at 8!
    Best laid plans.... you had to be exhausted!

    At the entrance we had a quick look into guest services and were amused by some of the signs that taught you how to be a star guest!
    Apparently they are needed. :crazy2::scared:

    And yes, this is a rare Michael sighting – he is exhibiting a perfect Disney two finger point here!
    Yes he is hey perfect Disney point. Good seeing you Michael! :laughing:

    There - All caught up! Hope All is going well in your part of the world. Happy Anniversary! A bit late but hope your last trip to WDW was nice.
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    Nov 1, 2007
    Checking in, after reading the whole thing (so far)! I love the amount of detail you put into your stories, even though it's unlikely we'll have a chance to use any of your tips!


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    Sep 8, 2006
    Hello everyone!! Happy New Year and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I am really sorry for falling off the face of the earth. I am not really sure what to tell you what happened. But one thing I know: When my husband is around, I am far less likely to find time for my trip report. I guess I do enjoy his company and we do too many things together, so less time for trip report writing. Then work was crazy, I spent weekends with various parts of my family and then left for four blissful weeks in sunny Florida over Christmas! I got to see New Year's Eve fireworks at WDW (as a double feature: first at MK for NYE-Eve and then on the real day in Epcot). Afterwards I was too spoilt to enjoy Happy Ever After... Now I am back in grey and snowy Germany missing my husband and have time to come back to this report to bask in the happy memories of our amazing trip: at least it will be sunny in my heart!

    So, let's do some replies first, in case you all still know what your replies were about...

    Oh my. And if they need to post a sign...
    Yes, scary...

    I can vouch for this. You still owe me a new phone, by the way.
    So sorry about your phone! But I am sure he warned you!

    Next we'll see Disney's Magical Urine Mopping Experience!
    They already have that - they call it the College Program

    That sounds like fun. My daughter would love that.
    The Challenge Trails get rave reviews from everyone who was on them. They are so nicely different.

    Oops. Sorry you didn't get to do it. Whatever the reason, I'd totally blame Michael for it.
    Good strategy!

    Only those who are slaves to the school calendar...:rolleyes1
    I have friends with two daughters (9 and 6) and they want to go to Florida on vacation and I have a really hard time to tell them when to go. After experiencing Christmas week I have to say I think it is not as crazy as I always thought it would be. I think with older kids it could actually be quite manageable. I am not going to recommend it for my friends who have never been to WDW before and I think their girls are still too young. But a family with teenagers who have experience at WDW could have a blast with all the extra entertainment and such.

    You've definitely sold me on the Pirates ride.
    Not a hard sell. I have heard many opinions about Shanghai so far and the one thing that everyone agrees on is that Pirates is amazing. I have not heard one single person say that they were not impressed.


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    Sep 8, 2006
    OK if I can get through this response before you post another update I'll be caught up here!
    Ha! You were afraid of me updating too quickly!! That is nice!

    So essentially no "perk" for being an onsite guest.
    This has changed now, but only for those who bought the ticket through the hotel or something like that. But now it is a perk that is really valuable!

    I'll remember everything is slower there. To make rope drop you have to leave much earlier that usual.
    Or make sure that you can take advantage of the hotel entry perk!

    Note to self: watch the movie before I go.
    I feel like I should have watched Tron. But by now you might be more likely to ride the Tron coaster at WDW before Shanghai. I think it is opening next year?

    That's the best description of the ride that I've heard, but I'm sorry to hear it is short. That may have been the first time I've heard that.
    I am surprised that others haven't commented on how short it is. Compared to other coasters it feels very short too me.

    Nope missed that one. I think I was too cool back then.
    I had never heard of Tron before I heard Disney people talk about being excited about the relaunch a few years ago.

    I do! That's also the first time anyone has posted it in a TR I've read.
    I am happy to have provided the exclusive Club 33 picture in Shanghai!

    Well I'm glad to hear it was a good lunch. I'm often skeptical about grab and go type places.
    We had looked at it the other day, so knew that there was stuff that looked good.

    That sounds awful. We were doing some work with paving stones yesterday, a lot of lifting, bending, and it was humid cause a tropical storm was in the area. I had sweat dripping off my forehead and I didn't like it one bit!
    I hope the sweaty paving stone work is only a distant memory now and that weather has become far more pleasant by now!

    Interesting, I would not have noticed that.
    Since Michael had told me about the copy cat approach at SDL, it was actually quite easy to see while there.

    And neither have I. Ever.
    Smart person not going on the canoes! I approve!

    I was wondering if this was similar to the Challenge Trail in DCA.
    I think the trail at DCA is more of a walk through attraction, this was more like a zip line without the zipping, just walking along. Kind of like the bridge people go over at the Wild Africa Trek at AK.

    Yeah, really? I had planned to be in WDW over Labor Day weekend, but if you were reading my TR you would know that that plan was vetoed when it was discovered that John Williams was at the Hollywood Bowl that weekend and it was required that Fran and I attend. I do have to say that the weather at the Hollywood Bowl was much preferred to that at WDW that weekend!
    Sounds like Fran was very smart there!

    I was lucky enough to see the Shanghai ending at an event an Imagineering so I've actually seen all three endings without having traveled to Shanghai!
    Soon there will be a fourth: Tokyo.

    I've heard that too. I saw a map where friends walked back and forth and back and forth transversing far more than than they needed to but didn't realize how the park was laid out.
    It took me some time to realize how the layout worked - and once you have worked it out, it's still a pain because nothing is close

    I didn't realize that you had so little time at SDL! You definitely need to go back if this is it!
    It really was just a stop over on our way to the main event: Japan!
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    Sep 8, 2006
    Found this and following along! I'm in the midst of planning my own Asian Adventure! But it will be solo and going to all 3 places!!! Yep, I'm crazy - but I started planning a Tokyo HalloXmas trip (inspired by Disneytouristblog), then saw the HK Halloween decorations and decided to add that on, and then it seemed silly to not just knock out all the Asian parks when I can use my airmiles to get all over in business class for $500 in taxes/fees (gotta love Aeroplan allowing 2 stopovers in addition to final destination).

    But your TR has already been a help! And since I did Paris this past summer, I can understand the comparisons!
    Sorry that this trip report kind of stopped last fall. It sounds like you could have used some more of it before your trip. Sounds like you had some great plans and I hope that they turned into an amazing trip!

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    Mar 16, 2017
    Sorry that this trip report kind of stopped last fall. It sounds like you could have used some more of it before your trip. Sounds like you had some great plans and I hope that they turned into an amazing trip!
    Oh no - I haven't gone on the trip yet! Still about 9 months away! And I totally understand delays in updating! Can't wait to (hopefully) read more!


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    Sep 8, 2006
    I think I pass. I was at a industry conference in May and let's just say this put me off travel agent trips for the rest of my life.
    I had to laugh at this, but I think I understand.

    I actually really liked that area even though I agree that it is somewhat disjointed. When we were there, it was all decked out for Christmas and looked truly magical.
    I think part of my issue with SDL was the heat. And a very open and sunny space was not something we were interested it. With seasonal decorations I can imagine to be beautiful!

    I had read about the lockers before our trip and could not understand what was going on when we found the area closed. We took our stuff with us and just before the loading dock they had cast members with what looked like laundry carts collecting all bags.
    That sounds like a strange concept, too. At Europapark they have a great concept with shelves next to the train that are then locked until this train comes back to the station. To me this is the best solution for bags I ever experienced!

    I have to admit I am an absolute wimp when it comes to coasters and other thrill rides. I loved Tron, but I felt it was going on forever.
    So, BTM must feel like eternity then to you?

    Oh, I have to remember this for our upcoming trip. This sounds like just my kind of place.
    I guess your upcoming trip is now your past trip already: So, did you make it there and did you like it?

    That really covers it perfectly.
    I know that we are quite different in our attraction preferences, but it is interesting how your and my opinions about SDL attractions are so similar!

    I thought that this was really strange. I think the kind of boats they use for It's A Small World where everybody is facing forward would have worked much better.
    I agree. Strange choice!

    I kind of thought that this ride would be a once and done for me, but now I want to do it in the dark.
    I think all outdoor attractions are different at night and worth it twice therefore.


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    Sep 8, 2006
    I'm trying desperately to catch up, Magdalene, so in the interest of reading more I will keep my comments brief. But rest assured I have read the last update (both parts!) and really enjoyed the next bit of touring through SDL. It really sounds like a beautifully done park with some nice and unique to there rides.
    I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the updates - and in the interest of me catching up with replies, I am not too sad that your reply was short! :goodvibes


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    Sep 8, 2006
    Kate here (aka "kid-at-heart", now "Magical_Suitcase" since that is what my family calls me when I create "magical vacations". Finally after 1000s of posts and moving up in age, "kid-at-heart" just did not feel right anymore; so I am starting over with a new disboards name...).
    Hi Kate! Great to see you! I like your new name and avatar! I don't think I could ever give up my name...

    Totally off topic: I am so glad to hear you and Michael have tied the knot. You two seem to have so much fun together, a great thing to have in a relationship. With you being in Germany and Michael being in Florida, how did you meet?
    Thank you! Ultimately it was thanks to the internet, a common friend and both of our love for Disney. We started out as friends emailing each other and talking on the phone for quite some time without ever thinking about a relationship.

    Throughly enjoying the trip report. I do not think I could handle the personal space issues though.
    I think they were made worse due to summer and the crowds. Cooler weather, less busy season at the park and the personal space situation should be much better.


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    Sep 8, 2006
    Yes, I am over a month behind readung updates :rolleyes1 but I just had to comment on this insight---I think it is a really good one and very likely one of the big factors in the levels of all kinds of chronic health issues in the USA.
    Don't worry about being behind in reading updates. I am even more behind in writing them... :confused3


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    Sep 8, 2006


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