Amber's Birthday Trip Day 4 & summary.

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    Jul 6, 2001

    Me: Mom (40)
    DD: Amber (17)

    Sunday, September 15

    We packed up this morning as we have a plane to catch at about 5:30pm... we said our last good byes to the Wilderness Lodge, and hopefully will get to return one day. We carried ( or rolled) our own bags down to the lobby, and valet brought our car around for the last time...

    We still have a full day ahead of us, and decided to spend it at Epcot. First stop is Test Track... we waited about 5 minutes, and had a great ride... we then did a little shopping at Mouse Gears.. (actually quite a bit of shopping) then we went to Body Wars... neither one of us liked this much, I left there with a head ache. It was time for World Showcase to open to we went to Mexico, Had a bite to eat at the Cantina.. Dispite bad reviews we enjoyed our tacos and a churro... We had seen a bit of the WS the other day, so we skipped Mexico, Norway and China, but stoped in at the Outpost... Ambers fascination with Africa is growing... she bought a map of Africa... and talked to the two CM's there. I spent the time talking to an older gentleman on one of those electric cart things... he had pins galore all over his hat and like 60 lanyards on his neck that were all full, he said he hadn't bought a single one that they were all given to him... he then proceeded to tell me about how he met his wife, and how they married after 10 days, and how nobody thought it would last, and how it didn't, that it only lasted 55 years, 3 months, 10 days, 15 hours ,and 12 seconds... when she died a year and a half ago... He was really a very nice man, and I enjoyed listening to his story...
    Amber said she wanted to return to the Outpost at 2:15 to watch the drummers there...

    We had a look around Germany again, and then over to Italy, where Amber bought a Scarf, I think she bought a scarf in Germany also. Then on to America, where we watch the Colonial marching "band" they were good, and we stepped inside to take a look at the WTC Flag..... very moving.

    Another scarf in Japan. and an Aladians Lamp in Morroco. I sat outside while she went in the perfume shop in France, and smelled every type they had there while flirting with the Frenchman at the counter..... I knew I shouldn't have let her go in alone!....

    I picked up a Times and Information Guide, and realized that it was Sunday, and the African Drummers were not scheduled to play. We walked through UK, and stopped in Canada for a BeaverTail... Yummy.... and then walked all the way back to the Outpost to see if they Dummers were going to play or not since both CM's had said they would... well... they both forgot it was Sunday, and no they were not going to be playing....

    Amber suggested we go back to AK so she could see the guys there before we left... it was a crap shot but we stopped and picked up our packages at the gate, and headed to AK..

    We got to the AK about 2:30, and walked straight to Africa... The Kobake Drummers were going to be on at 3pm We needed to leave by 3:15 to head to the airport and we were cutting it a bit close. We watched the guys, and I got Ambers picture with the group, she was thrilled.... and headed to the car... time to say good bye to WDW... I got a little turned around leaving the World, and ended up on a different road to the airport, but we got there okay....

    We had about 1 1/2 hours til our flight left ,and I went to turn in the car with Dollar... Well the guy there was looking all around the car and found a scratch on the front right bumper...I didn't put it there, but I suppose Valet could have, it was very small and not a big deal in my opinon... but he seemed to think it was. After about 15 mins he gives me a slip and told me to go to the desk inside the terminal...

    Well, by now I'm thinking we really should check in first. So we go to the America West Counter... the line wasn't too long, but seemed that everyone was taking FOREVER.... by the time we got to the counter it was 45 mins til our plane was to leave... I knew we were in a little hurry, but never imagined we would not be allowed on the flight... .but that is exactly what happen... The lady said we were supposed to have our bags checked 1 hour before the flight left, and it was too late for us.... but if we went straight to the gate with our luggage they may let us on the plane. She did not issue us boarding passes.... well we couldn't even get past security, and I know that lady was laughing at us:mad:

    Any way I went straight back to the counter to the FIRST CLASS window, and told the lady there my problem... well, by now it really was too late, my tears started to flow, and she booked us on a flight leaving the next morning...

    We got a free shuttle to the Quality Inn, and didn't leave the room, ordered Pizza in, and watch a movie... we were beat.

    Next morning on the shuttle ride to the airport a couple in the van with us had missed their flight the day before too.... and the skycap who checked us in said we were the 4th group he had helped that morning who had also missed flights.... not sure what was going on... but at least we weren't the only ones.


    Amber and I had a wonderful time together on this trip, We enjoyed the WL even though we were not there much, a wierd thing happen on the second day when we returned to the room we had new beds... It surprised me as I would think they would do that between guest, but I knew these bed were different as they were about 4" higher.... Mousekeeping was good, nothing special, I had requested turndown service for the 3 nights we were there, and they missed the last night... not a big deal. Forgot to mention we did Snow White, and really liked it , was expecting it to be the same Gloomy ride they have at DL, but it is much better at MK...

    My main reason for doing this trip report is so I can print it off for Amber to keep with her photo album of this trip.... so she can always remember the wonderful time we had during our transition from Mother-Daughter to FRIENDS ....... It is truly a magical time when you can be friends with your daughter instead of being a parent all the time.... and what better place to enjoy that special time than at Walt Disney World.

    Thanks for reading my Reports!
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    Jun 22, 2001
    Great reports - I hope some day when my DD is older her and i can be "friends" too ! ( she is 8 going on 28! ;) )
  3. bellsonmytoes

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    Jul 6, 2001
    Hey bigsis... the time between 8 and 17 seems like a long time... but it really seems just the other day that Amber was 8... I'm really enjoying not having to parent her all the time.. . and she truely is becoming a friend...

    Thanks for reading the posts.
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    Mar 20, 2002
    :D Thanks so much for taking the time to post these reports! I have truly enjoyed reading them. It's so nice that you and your dd had such a wonderful trip together. Thanks again for sharing it.
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    Wonderful report! Thanks for posting. Happy Birthday Amber!

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