Amber's Birthday Trip Day 2

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  1. bellsonmytoes

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    Jul 6, 2001

    Me: Mom (40)
    DD: Amber (turning 17 on trip)

    Amber was up first this morning before the 8:00 wake up call. It didn't take us long to shower and get ready for the day. We headed to Roaring Forks to fill the mugs, and then we were on our way to MGM. We got there about 5 mins before the rope drop, and soon we were off to the the Tower of Terror .... I wasn't too sure I wanted to do this, but Amber wanted to so I went along... We sat right in the front row and behind us was a family from Scottland.... they had a little boy about 6 and poor kid was scared to death.. .I felt really sorry for him, I didn't have time to be scared cause I was too worried about him. Thank goodness this ride didn't last too long.

    Of course then it was off to the RNR coaster... we walked right on, and we both enjoyed it very much.... Amber got herself a t-shirt in the gift shop as we left.

    We headed towards the back of the park, and stopped for a bite to eat, not too much as we were having lunch at the Prime Time at noon.

    Next stop was the Muppets 3-D and then over to the Great Movie Ride... we enjoyed both of these rides, and off to the Back Lot Tour... Amber got picked to be in the show at the beginning, I got lots of pictures, and she had a great time. She was the Captian of the PT boat.

    It was now time for Lunch at the 50's Prime Time. I don't remember who our waitress was, but She wasn't too exciting... made us keep our elbows off the table, but that was about it... We both had sandwiches and I had smores for desert and Amber had a cobler, The bread on the sandwiches was kind of dry, but the deserts were great!...

    We were now done with MGM, so we made our way out and over to Blizzard Beach. We parked right up front, and quickly went to rent towels and a locker. After we changed we went straight to the lift and on to the Teamboat slide. It was just the 2 of us on the raft and we had a blast, I was ready with my water proof camera, and I got a picture of Amber I then handed her the camera, and she nearly came off the raft trying to get my picture, put she did, this was a nice long slide, and at first we found the water quite cold, but by the end we were well adjusted...., then we got in the lazy river and floated around a bit, got out near the Runoff Rapids, I thought I might pass out before we got to the top of the steps, but I made it, and we went down on a double tube. It was alot of fun. We would have done it again, but I just wasn't up to climbing the steps again. Then on to Snow Stormers, and face down on the mat... this was a little scarry for me but I survived. We were both a bit worn out, so we decided to go back to the room for a little rest. On our way out of the park we were stop by Adam, he was taking a survey... we answered all his questions, it took about 10 minutes, Just about 5 minutes longer than I would have prefered, but oh well, I guess they use the info to make Disney better...(I hope)

    We got back to the room about 3pm and an hour later we were on our way to the Magic Kingdom. We went down to the boat dock, and got right on a boat..... this boat was headed to the CR... but we thought we would catch the monorail from there. The driver of the boat was just learning, and took about 3 trys to dock at the CR boat dock. I felt sorry for him. He then said he would make a special trip to MK for those of us who wanted to stay on the boat, so we just stayed on and went on to the MK.... he was perfect in docking at MK so I guess he was a fast learner.

    We stayed at the MK until it closed at 6pm... we walked right on Pooh, Buzz (twice) Space Mt. (twice), Peter Pan... First time I ever walked on Peter Pan. and Fisnished the evening with It's a Small World...Since we have been to DL so many Times Amber was doing a lot of comparing... She was really surprised that IASW was so different especially the out side, at DL with it's clock, it much more exciting.

    We took the boat back to WL and filled our mugs and ate at Roaring Forks, then got the car, put the top down again and headed to DTD.... we did a little shoping, and then went back to DQ.... we built a new coaster, that was a 4, Amber really wanted to ride a 5 but I made her stick to the 4... some how the 2nd time was not as much fun as the first the day before, but we still had a great ride. We didn't stay long, as we were both pretty worn out, and decided to call it a night.

    Back to the Lodge, it's so cool to have the Security say "welcome home"... Tomorrow it the big birthday... "Big Doings Going On"
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    Mar 25, 2000
    I also like Small World at Disneyland better on the outside - I love to watch the clock - a fun day - thanks for posting!
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    Mar 20, 2002
    :D Wow, you two sure seem to be having a blast! Riding around Disney with top down, now that's stylin' :cool: !

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