Alternative to park shoots?

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    We are getting married in Disney in 2018 and were one of the last people that were able to snag the "Mini Wishes" package.

    I love the idea of a park shoot, but I am not a fan of Disney photography at all. It all just looks so posed to me, and I feel like every bride gets the same photos back. When we got our pictures done at the GF with an outside photographer, he just let us be ourselves and have fun, which we LOVED.

    Any ideas for alternatives? I was thinking of having our outside photographer come into the park and take pictures in casual attire, but it just stinks that it would have to be when the park is open.
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    That's your only option, really. But if you get there right when the park opens or maybe even a little earlier (by booking an early dining reservation), you should be able to get some shots without other guests in them.
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    While a lot of the shots look the same for the in-park shoots (especially the ones they share publicly), I do think it does depend on your photographer for DFAP (which is another huge gamble). Our photographer really did not do a tremendous amount of posing for us for our shoot and really took his cues from us. Our shots really capture who we are as a couple and do not look like all of the other ones that are generally publicly available. It does take you speaking up too though and coming in with your own ideas of what you want to do, because if you're clueless, they will pose you in all those same shots you tend to see.

    Just some food for thought, but yeah definitely a lot of money and a big gamble.
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