alstromeria in Florida

Eddy Jackson

Earning My Ears
May 15, 2019
I sent mom this bouquet of alstromerias,I ordered it from #Bloomex.usa.. do these flowers grow in Florida?


Caroline Johnson

Earning My Ears
Apr 26, 2019
Hi Eddy. Well most species of alstroemerias are native to South America, and they are weak growers in Florida, though they are quite popular in gardens and as cut flowers. Btw, I also ordered a bunch of colorful alstroemerias at Bloomexusa for my mom for the Mother's Day as they don't smell (and my mom is quite sensitive to them) and last long.

Nevertheless, you can grow alstroemeria in FL as a perennial bulb if you plant it in rich soil in a large container and keep it fairly dry and out of direct sun throughout the summer. My cousin planted them in winter and they even bloomed but in summer the pot seemed completely dead. But when some cool weather hit, the flowers bloomed. Later my cousin told me that they needed a lot cooling hours to produce flowers. that's all I know. Hope, it helps :)