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Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by MichelleTO, Sep 27, 2002.

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    So we are now on the 4th day of our relaxing "no comando" style trip. We have now opened the parks and closed the parks or stores every night. I think I was more rested when we had the three kids with us as we would then take a break mid day. We have however managed to see everything we wanted in all the parks we have done. If the parks were opened late I would have likely taken a midday break, but we feel compelled to stay all day!
    Today sends us to Animal Kingdom, another scorcher. Arrived to find the line up outside the gate. I headed to guest relations to claim my "gift" for filling out a questionaire the Disney store gave me when I bought a pass. I received a Francis Beanie Baby(From Bugs life). Once in the park we headed to Harambe for the Safari, good trip as many anuimals were about. we basically did every land within Animal kingdom and all the attractions, we even took the train to conservation station. I'll take the kids out here next trip but for adults once is enough. train station was very well themed as was the train. I think Disney did a great job theming this entire park especially the Africa section.
    We did check out the AP holders loungeat Pizzafari, they only had later show time availble for The Lion King PS section so we decided to go standby as the crowds were light. Glad we did as the seats we got arriving 10 minutes before the show were better thatn those in the AP section. the loung was OK, free cold water free video arcade games for the kids. The CM said that was there said they have had complaints about the lounge because there was no AC and no free pop. I thought it was nice and enjoyed the water. She said she thought they would close this one. She commented that the one in Epcot was the Nestle corporate lounge and it was much nicer.
    We had lunch at Tusker House. Wow what a great counter service restaurant. We had been given food vouvhers when we did the DVC tour so we decide to use them here. We had a great lunch, I had roast chicken(that was roasted right there) mashed potaoes and green beans, along with chocolate cake and H20. DH had their special which was a fried chicken sandwich on a bun and carrot cake. The quality of the food was tops! Portions were huge, we didn't need to eat that much, but it was so good. I saw some of the salads and sandwiches and would recommend this restaurant. The seating area was also very large. we rtolled ourselves out of TH and did the rest of the park. The highlight for the rets of the day was Chester and hesters Dinorama. i thought it was a cute area for kids. nice and colourfull and we loved The Primeval Whirl. you sit in a round car, 4 people and go ona 'wildmouse" type of roller coaster track. It feels like you are in a pinball machine and as you take corners or go down drops you spin! Triceretop SPin is basicalyl Dumbo done with Dinosaurs. Disney was smarter this time and added more cars and seats. We didn't ride this but it seemed to be a fave for the young ones. Next to the games.
    It started off so innocently. Lets just play one game to see if we can win a small toy. Since we now had the beanie aby we wanted to bring bakc something litle for the other 2. Well, we end up winning 4 games. The small prizes are a good size and much better quality than those at your regualr travelling carnival. We and up with a very large prize and a medium because they base the prize size on then number of people playing the game, so in other words you don't always have to trade up. Chester just happens to dirve up when I win so I have a great picture of him presenting me with the"Big Dino" as he is now foundly known as. I apologize to all those other kids I beat! I did however get beat on one game by an 8 yr old, much better aim with that water gun. My DH pulled me away from the games and off we went back for a swim.
    Spent the evening At The West Side. Had a beer at Bongos then went to see a movie. 'My big Fat Greek wedding" very funny! even funnier is that it was filmed in our old neighborhood in Toronto and we recognized all the shpos and houses. We didn't know it was filmed in Canada till we saw it. Nice theatres. we had popcorn for dinner this night as we were still full from lunch. Back on the bus and back home to bed, exausted!
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    Fun trip report! Maybe we will try someday without kids!!!
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    Feb 3, 2001
    I can't wait to try Primeval Whirl in December!!!!!

    Now that you won all those prizes, how will you fit them into your luggage for the return flight home? ;)

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