AllStar sports 6 days no kids Day 3

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by MichelleTO, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. MichelleTO

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    Oct 13, 1999
    Up at 7:30 again and this time I went ot buy coffee to have while we got ready. Watched the news to check on tropical Storm Isadore. Poor Jamaica is getting the storm today. To the bus and on to MGM Studios. This line was a bit longer than yesterdays Epcot. Arrived just after opening(9:10am) and headed right to Tower of Terror. No wait and great ride as usual. Loved all the tshirts in the gift shop as you exited. Next over to Rockin Roller Coaster. Rode it twice as no wait. DHs first time. I warned him about the take off. I was actually able to oepn my eyes on the 2nd take off! We had great pictures but thought they were way overpriced at $16.95 each. Strolled back down to who Wants to be Millionaire and picked up FPs for the 12:30 show. did a few more pressed pennies on the way. Walked throught the "honey" playground to take a look since last time we were here it was under refurb. The kids were really upset, so I took some pictures to show them what they added, a supersoaker and a jar of playdough(I think these were new?) toured more shops and checked out Pizza Planet for future trips. Next on to Star Tours and then Indiana Jones. This has also changed, no more big rolling rock! we also noticed that the captain on Star Tours is the same actor that plays the Vice President on The West Wing. Time for Millionaire. We got to sit on stage in a Fastest Finger seat. Lots of fun to play this game, anyone from the audience can get to the hotseat. I was hooked! Didn't even get to the top 10 in any of the points totals. Hungry for lunch so we went to the Prime time cafe for abuse from mom. Had the onion rings(thin sliced and yummy) and sandwiches, huge portions and lots of fun. It must have been cheap to decorate this place. Just go to a dozen yard sales! Its scary when you see the stuff from your parents or your house as decoration in this restaurant!
    Did 'Sounds Dangerous", not worth it. Then the movie ride and 100 years of Walt. Finished off the Studios by watching the parade. This is an excellent parade, great characters and very creative cars.
    We left the park and headed to the yacht and beach club via "Friendship7" the boat from MGM. Toured the beach Club and loved the Storm along bay pool! We can see why the pool has controlled access when it is busy. Walked the entire resort and decided we liked the look of the Beach Club better than the Yacht side. Both were beautiful but liked the more relaxed feel of beach. We stopped for a drink at Marthas Vineyard and then headed to Cape May Cafe for a 7:00pm PS. The clam bake was good but not something we will likely do again. Enjoyed the clams and mussels but you need to be really hungry for this buffet, a very good selection of many meats veggies etc.
    Needed a good walk so we headed to Downtown Disney to do some shopping. Did every store and enjoyed the new Toy Store. You can't use you Disney Club Discount here so if yoiu can find the same thing at World of Disney buy it there. It will be impossible to ge the gets out of this store. Closed the place down at 11:00, headed to the bus stop. We seem to be spending alot of time at the DD bus depot! Back to the hotel to crash. Wasn't the trip without kids to be more restfull?!
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    Mar 25, 2000
    Thanks for the tip on the Disney Club card in the new toy store - can't wait to at least see the toy store some time - thanks for posting!
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    Feb 3, 2001
    Thanks for sharing another great day!

    I'm hoping to get DH on Rock N Roller Coaster sooner or later! I did manage to convince him to try ToT, so there is hope!!!!!

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