AllStar Sports 6 days no kids Day 2

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by MichelleTO, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. MichelleTO

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    Oct 13, 1999
    Had a Mickey wake up call at 7:30. Must remember to do this with the kids next trip. They would love to hear him first thing in the morning! To the bus stop coffee in hand by 8:40. It is already 90 degrees and sunny. Yahoo! Would have been out sooner but we had to unpack this morning since we were too tired last night. If the kids would have been with us I would have stayed up and done that so the morning would be easier. What a relaxing way to travel. We did however call the kids this morning to say hello. They had slept in and Grandma was rushing to get them ready!
    Didn't bother to buy the refilll mugs as we weren't going to get our moneys worth just having coffee for 5 days. There are now signs saying the mugs are only good for the length of stay. not sure how they police that at the allstars.
    On to Epcot and to Test Track. No wait! Did the rest of Future world including Innoventions and all other pavillions. We were ready for lunch so to Canada we go! This was the first time we have easten at Le Cellier. Had the cheese soup and a Moosehead. Great meal , along with all those lovely bread sticks. DH had a Reuben that came with pasta salad. also good. Next to Great Britain, we were too hot and full for a "pint" so we decided to take a break and left Epcot through the International Gateway. Took the boat to The Boardwalk were we did a DVC tour. What a nice resort, pretty quiet during the day, the Boardwalk was deserted. Walked back to Epcot. I had never realized how convenient the BW, Swan/Dolphin and Yacht and Beach were to MGM and Epcot. Great location!
    Back to the World showcase. Did all the countries taking our time to see exhibits and tour the shops, not something we can do with youg ones! Also had a few beverages from around the world. The best was the Fiesta margarita from Mexico. Made a call to the kids and were grilled by DS about all the rides we had gone on, he couldn't understand why we hadn't gone to BB yet! request more pressed pennies, which we did all over Epcot. Back to Japan and the Matsunoma Lounge. We arived just after 8pm. It was starting to lightning and a big storm was coming in. Had a great table by the window to watch Illuminations. Had sushi and saki martinis and ate leisurely while we waited for the show to start. The rain stared first as did the wind and thunder. To our suprise they had the show! It was good but the fireworks didn't go as high with all that rain. It was nice watching from inside as everone on the deck out front were getting a bit wet. The only bad thing was you couldn't really hear the music. I would watch from here again but go outside when the show starts. Ok now Epcot is flooded, ankle deep water, I go to buy ponchos(of course we had some in the room) we take off our shoes and walk back to the bus. Just in case anyone doesn't know, Japan is geographically the furthest you can be from the Main gate.LOL. Luckily it was still very warm and the rain eased up. By the time we got to the bus it had stopped.
    Back to the Allstars and to bed to rest after a very long day!
  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Except for the rain at the end of the day - a great day you had

    I too like tasting beverages around the world - thanks for posting!
  3. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    Another great day! You enjoyed a few of my favorite things - Epcot, a Mickey wake-up call, a margarita, and a sushi break at Matsunoma Lounge!!!

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