All Stars or off-site????


Earning My Ears
Feb 18, 2000
Ok fellow budget boarders--please give me your opinion. Family of 4 planning a trip over Easter break. Plan to spend 3 nights in Orlando and go to MK 1 day--day after Easter.(It's our favorite park-and we did MK & Epcot last year and MK & AK the year before.)

My dilema: Stay at All Stars
3 nts. approx ($357 standard rm)
Stay off-site at Comfort Inn
3 nts. approx ($258 - family suite)
and kids under 11 eat free.
Try a priceline bid and cross our fingers for the Swan/Dolphin or at the worst a nice 4* hotel.

We have been to Disney many times and never stayed on site. Please give me your best reasons to stay on site. I know the transportation is beneficial.
I would say stay at the All Stars. You really notice the "Magic" while being on property. It is like a constant "Mickey" around you at all times.

We stayed at the ASMo in June 1999 and really liked it. The transportation was wonderful, never waited more than 10 minutes for a bus. Your price difference is only $100. I know, I know, you can hit the gift shop with that, but I would still stay, go with on property.


The magic of staying on-site can't be beat. We used to try to save by staying off at Days Inn etc., but one stay at CBR cured us of that, and now we are DVC owners because we can't imagine staying outside "the World". :)

If you can afford to stay onsite, then I would. I would really like to stay onsite someday, but, I've always managed to find these incredible deals offsite. I always say this is the year I'm going to stay onsite, and I never do, I'm too cheap!!!!

We have stayed both on and off site but have ALWAYS found our visits to be more enjoyable when staying at a Disney hotel.It's clearly a matter of personal preference and family budget considerations.We also joined DVC to facilitate staying at BWV on a regular basis at much less than it would cost us to book thru our travel agent.

Good Luck and have a great trip


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I would say it depends on the ages of the kids. We were at PO two years ago and HIFS this year (we have 3 kids -- 11, 3-1/2, 1-1/2) and we will NEVER stay in a regular room again after having the suite at HIFS. Having the bedrooms and living room were wonderful. I cannot see cramming all of us into one little hotel room. I don't like hanging out watching tv in the same place we're sleeping. The price an on-site hotel charges is more than what we paid for our 2 bedroom suite. I just can't justify paying way more to get way less. For our family, the 'magic' is just being on vacation, being together, staying at a nice place, having fun, etc. Not being on site this time did not take any of that away from us. Having the wonderful suite made it that much nicer
Don't bid on Priceline and expect Swan/Dolphin. Very few current bids are getting that hotel. I'll disagree with most other posters, if you're only going to MK for one day I'd save the money and stay offsite (also look at HIFS). You save on the room rate, get kids eat free and I think the Comfort gives you some kind of breakfast.

Hands down! You're ALWAYS at Disney! We've stayed off site once. Never again. Transportation is great from ASMo/ASMu. You never have to drive although I'd recommend it if you go to Downtown Disney or Pleasure Island. We learned that the hard way :(

Some others will obviously disagree. It's a matter of price and preference. You're not in your room that much anyway - at least we aren't! The food court is great at ASMo. We went last year eventhough we weren't staying there.

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OK, if you're only doing WDW for one day, I'd stay at HIFS.

If you are doing other things in Orlando, you'll most likely have a car anyhow (so on-site transportation isn't a big issue). At HIFS, you get a two bedroom suite or kidsuite which is great! We stayed at CBR last year (great for just Disney trip) and HIFS this December with our 3 kids and loved it! The pools are fun, plus all the other things mentioned earlier. The only plus to stay at ASM would be if the parks get too full that day, you're guaranteed entry (is this a possibility?).

Have fun whatever you decide!!
3 nights of onsite rates (Easter week, no less) to spend a single day at MK? Hm. What are you planning to do the other full day?

If the weather is nice and your kids really love regular pool time, the All Stars may be very nice for your family. But if you would be doing something like a water park or Disney Quest or boat rentals plus a resort character dinner, the difference you'd save on Comfort Suites (& kids-eat-free) could pay for that day's activities. IMHO, this could add a lot of "Disney magic" that you'd miss at All Stars for the same budget. Just a thought.
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for your responses and opinions. It really is helpful to bounce ideas off others. I think this time we will go with the suite at Comfort Inn-the rate is too good to pass up and the kids will love their sleeping quarters. I think maybe we might stop by the All Stars and have a look around. I would just LOVE to stay on site at one of the moderates,but its not in our budget this year-- unless Ed McMahon shows up at the door with the prize patrol! Ha,Ha, Ha!

Thanks again for all of your helpful advice!


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